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5 Best wrist strengthening exercises after fracture


Wrist is an important part of our body. As we know, most of the works that we do in our daily life involves the use of hands and wrist movement.

But, sometimes, due to our mistakes, we got our wrist injured. Wrist injury can be sprain, strain or fracture. 

Sprain and strain are mild and you got recovered with it in few days with simple precautions and medications. It is simply a muscle tendonitis or due to ligaments.

But, fracture is a serious injury which is not going to recover easily. Wrist fracture is a fracture where the bones get displaced or broken.

In case of fracture, you need a surgery in your wrist to cure it. After surgery, a cast plastic has been used to cover and avoid the movement of your wrist.

But the problem begins after the removal of cast. Your wrist movement got stuck and you feel a kind of stiffness in your wrist and fingers which stops your wrist mobility.

So what’s the solution for it.

Now, today, I will tell you about the 5 best exercises which you can easily do to remove stiffness from your wrist after cast removal.

Best wrist strengthening exercises after fracture

Here are the 5 best wrist strengthening exercises after fracture.

Wrist front and back movement

In this exercise, you can stretch the front and back muscles of wrist. It helps to remove the stiffness from front and back portion.

To perform this exercise, simply place the fingers of other hand from the palm side to stiffed wrist fingers. Now stretch it slowly from the front end with the help of other hand and then release the pressure.

Do it for at least 10-15 times. Repeat the same procedure for opposite direction. Perform it at least 3-5 times a day.

Left and right movement

To do this exercise, you need a platform where you can place your hands. You can simply do it on your table, bed or on ground also.

To perform this exercise, place your hands on the ground with palm facing downward. Hold the forearms with other hand so that you can move your wrist.

Now, move your wrist in left and right direction slowly. It will help to release the muscle stiffness and enable its flexibility.

Ball squeezing

It is the most effective exercise to improve gripping strength. But for this you need a squeezing ball or small air ball.

Simply hold the ball in your hand and then squeeze it slowly. You will feel a little pain in your wrist while applying pressure to squeeze. But, you have to tolerate little pain in order to improve wrist strength.

You can do it anytime few times a day because it will not going to harm you in any way.

Wrist flexion and extension

To do this exercise, rest your forearms on the side of table with hands handing downward.

Now, fold your fingers to make a fist. Then move your fist up and down slowly without moving your forearms.

Dumbbell wrist flexion and extension

When your pain ends up in wrist muscles, then you can do dumbbell wrist flexion and extension. This is an advance exercise and you need a 1 kg dumbbell to perform this exercise.

It is same like above exercise but in this case you use a 1 kg dumbbell.

Hold the dumbbell in your hand and the repeat the same procedure of wrist flexion and extension.


Wrist fracture is a serious case where your bones gets displaced. After cast removal, you can do the above 5 best wrist strengthening exercises after fracture. I hope this will help you to regain strength and mobility.

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