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Today in this article we will be going to talk about workout for legs in gym. Leg is the tough lower body muscle. In gym, half of the people don’t train their lower body. But, legs are the pillars and the foundation of our body. If you don’t train your lower body then your base is not ready and your body and physique wouldn’t be in symmetric. Lot of people have upper body but they don’t have the lower body. So you should train legs to get benefit and I will show you the best workout for legs in gym that will help you to develop your legs and your whole body strength.

By training legs, your body releases natural muscle building harmone which is a testosterone. People who do legs workout, its easy for them to build muscle because of this harmone. It allow you to lift heavier weight for all of the other exercises and to build more muscle throughout your whole body. But they have to be performed correctly to get the benefits and to prevent from any serious injury.

There are some of the techniques that you should follow to get more advantage of workout for legs in gym.

*Proper warm up: First, make sure to warm up your body with some legs body weight exercises of 2-3 sets then use weight. Warm up properly to avoid any injury.

*Increase weight: You have to increase the weight load with time to grow muscle size. Try to increase the weight every next week.

Now there are 5 best exercises for legs in gym which you should incorporate in your workout.

Exercise No.1: Barbell squats

This is one weight training exercise which gives you most benefits for your lower body but they have to be performed correctly to prevent from any serious injury.

 To start: Place your both hands little wider than shoulder width apart on the barbell and rest the bar on your traps which is the upper part of your back. Bend your knees and squads down by making sure that you are sticking your but and chest out to protect your lower back.

While squading, keep your body straight and don’t drop your upper back. When you come down contract the squads muscle fully. So make sure that you press the floor while going up. Then, repeat for reps.

Beginner should start with light weight because this is pretty dangerous exercise if you don’t do it right. Those persons who have fear of falling backward while squading can put quarter inch plates under their heels. You can check it by doing body weight squads. Don’t try to keep your back perfectly straight and vertical while squading which is not the correct way. 

Exercise No.2: Leg press

It is easiest version of leg exercise compare to squads. There is less chances of injury because you upper body is locked.

To start: Lay down on the leg press machine. Then set your legs on the pad and make sure that your feet should not be too high. Your foot stance should be equal to the shoulders. Lift the weight up and then allow the weight to come down, squeeze the muscle and then press the weight back up to the starting position and repeat for reps.

But, don’t bring the weight all the way down. If you do it then your back will get involve and there is chances of injury in lower back because your hip will rotate forward. So use your squads muscle only instead of involving other muscle with it.

Exercise No.3: Dumbbell walking lunges

 This exercise targets the hamstrings muscle and also glutes as well. In walking dumbbell lunges, your balance is very important.

To start: Grab the dumbbells in both of your hands. Now, start walking by taking big step that your second leg should touch the ground and your knees should not go forward than your toes. Otherwise, there will be a pressure on your knee cap and chances of injury will be high. Your back should be straight and your angle of hamstrings and glute should be 90 degrees when your knees touch the ground.

Before adding dumbbells, try body weight lunges to make balance. Then, start adding weights slowly because to gain muscle size you have to add weights.

Exercise No.4: Leg extension.

This exercise is the best legs exercise in gym that train our inner quad muscle which is the tear drop muscle.

To start: First, sit on the leg extension machine. Grip the handle properly and then extend your legs. Your muscle should be squeezed while extending. Your back should be locked and against the pad. Then, allow the weight to bring down back to the starting position and repeat for reps.

Exercise No.5: Laying leg curls

This is the most effective exercise for hamstrings muscle.

To start: First, lay down on the leg curl machine. Set your feet into the pad and then contract it. Make sure to contract at the top and pad should touch the hip while performing and then allow the weight to bring back to the starting position.

Do this exercise slowly and don’t lose the tension. You can increase weight slowly according to your strength.

Exercise No.6: Standing Calf raises

This exercise targets the calf muscle of your legs.

To start: First warm up your calf muscle by doing body weight calf raises. After warm up, hold the barbell at a shoulder width apart and then rest it on your traps muscle. Now raise your heels up on your toes while squeezing the calf muscle and then lower down the heels and repeat for reps.

Sets and reps:

  • Do 3-5 sets of 8-10 reps for each of these exercises.
  • Take 2 minute break in between sets.

I hope if you will follow the above workout for legs in gym, then you will surely get benefits and able to see results in 2-4 weeks.

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