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Will I lose muscle if I don’t eat for a day?


Gaining muscle is not a short term plan. It takes time to achieve and therefore it’s not possible that a single day without eating can ruin your long term efforts. So, today I will try to explain my answer to your question, “Will I lose muscle if I don’t eat for a day”.

Let’s begin with the muscle building process because without having proper knowledge, such type of questions arises.

So muscle building is a process of slowly growing up size of your muscles with time, exercise and diet. It usually takes time because you have to give your efforts and also have to adopt healthy eating habits.

Generally, when it comes to gain a muscle, you may have noticed that you muscle grows slowly at a moderate rate. But, this rate of growth decreases with time, size and age.

Let me explain in detail with an example for better understanding,

When a beginner starts gymming with a good diet, it takes almost one month to gain one inch of biceps. But, it would take around 2 months to gain next 2 inches and for next one inch, it would be 6 months.

Why is this happening? Just because your muscles get mature with time. They are already familiar with the most of the muscle movements.

That’s why, it is suggested to change your workout schedule on every 3 months. It helps to hit your muscle with new movements and range of motion. Also, it doesn’t allow your muscle to get stable.

So, it majorily depends on your diet plan that whether you are consuming healthy foods or not.

Will I lose muscle if I don’t eat for a day?

No, you will not lose any muscle if you don’t eat for a day. But, going without eating for a long time can make you weak.

As you know, our body uses carbs as the primary source of energy. We consume carbs through foods and our body breakdown carbs into energy.

Now what happens when we stop supplying this source of energy? This often happens during fasting or taking one day break of eating.

Normally, it is not going to affect your muscles but in some cases it may affect.

No matter, whether you are fasting or not, your body needs energy to do your daily routine work.

Our body stores glucose in the muscles and liver for further use. During fasting, liver use these reserved glucose for energy production.

After few hours of fasting when the reserved glucose also ends, body start to produce energy by burning fat. That’s why, intermittent fasting is also famous for losing fat.

So, your muscles will not be going to have any effect without eating for a day.

But, after 24 hours, our body runs out of all these energy sources and that’s the time, where it starts burning muscle tissues for producing energy and you will start losing muscle.

Usually, it doesn’t happen if you take a break of only one day. But, repeating it again and again can cause muscle loss.

It is better to not think about muscle loss because it has been seen in very rare cases. Muscle loss occurs on eating food for several consecutive days or weeks.


Finally you can say that muscle loss doesn’t happen without eating for one day. It occurs when you don’t eat for days or weeks. So, you don’t need to worry about that. But, make sure to not keep your fast more than one day because it can cause weakness and muscle loss too. Hope you found the answer and feel free to share it with your friends on social media.

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