Which protein bar is best for weight loss in India?

You want to lose weight and often you will not have time to take miles and maybe that is why you are looking for a good protein bar. But if you want to add it to your regular diet, then protein bar is not a healthy option. Still, today I will tell you two best protein bars for weight loss in India that you can use.

If you are thinking of taking a protein bar, then there can be only three reasons.

  • Either you don’t have time to take meal and want to replace your meal with it.
  • Or, you want to add to your diet as a source of protein and fiber.
  • Or, you like candy a lot and want to know whether you can use protein bars in weight loss diet also.

Protein bars are not a good option for you in all these cases. This is because there is nothing in protein bars that promotes weight loss.

But, I would still say that you can use protein bars for weight loss but not on daily basis.

Now the question is, for whom the protein bars is?

In this busy world, most of the time of some people is spent in traveling. And they are so busy in their work that sometimes they are not able to even get their meals. In this way, they miss their meals.

So, Protein Bars is one solution for them.

This is because anyone can carry it comfortably. It will easily come in your pocket, purse or bag and you can carry it anywhere.

Whenever it’s time for your meal, you can just unwrap your bar and eat. It can also be eaten while working comfortably.

A protein bar is equal to a full meal. Along with calories, you also get protein, carbs, fiber, vitamins and minerals. And most of them also contain sugar. Therefore, it should be used sparingly for weight loss.

Due to the high sugar in most protein bars, they cannot be used for weight loss. It is because, in these protein bars, more than 50 percent of calories come from sugar.

So, check the quantity of sugar in a protein bar before taking it. The body metabolizes sugar into fat and stores it in our body.

Now you can decide whether you need a protein bar or not.

Best protein bar for weight loss in India

I have chosen 2 protein bars which have almost no added sugar but have natural sugar and they got positive reviews too.

Ritebite Maxprotein bar

It is an Indian product with has protein in blend form (soy nuggets, whey protein concentrate, calcium caseinate, soy concentrate). It has no artificial sweeteners and is 100 % vegetarian.

Maxprotein is currently available in 3 flavors which are choco berry bar, choco almond bar and choco classic bar. It can be used to remove hunger during your busy hours and will have sustained energy for hours.

The best part is it also contains fiber which helps in achieving healthy weight.


One serving of maxprotein bar contains a total of 179 kcal which keeps you fuller. It has 10 gram of protein and 27.5 gram of carbohydrates. Also, it has 0.5 grams of sugar and 5 grams of dietary fiber.

You will also get various vitamins and minerals in it to enhance your immunity. It provides you 6.8 gram of fats of which 1.2 gram is saturated fat.

There is no information about the left 5.4 grams of fat.

So, you can say that the brand is not showing much transparency in their nutritional profile.

Muscleblaze Mini-protein bar

I am reviewing mini bar of muscleblaze because its price is comparable to ritebite maxprotein bar. You can also go with Muscleblaze hi-protein bar which costs you almost double than this.

Muscleblaze bar is perfectly suitable for those who want to take healthy calories with high protein content.


One serving of muscleblaze bar contains a total of 114 kcal. It has 10 gram of protein and 14 gram of carbs with 2.3 grams of fiber.

Also, it provides 2.5 gram of fat of which 1.18 grams is saturated fatty acids, 0.92 grams is mono unsaturated fatty acids and 0.4 grams is poly unsaturated fatty acids.

It is gluten free and has not any kind of artificial sweeteners.

According to me, Muscleblaze is showing more transparency in their nutritional profile than the ritebite Maxprotein.

These two protein bars are known to be best nowadays. You can use any one of them to reduce weight.

I personally recommend to use Muscleblaze protein bar as the brand is trust worthy. It always ensures to deliver the best quality products to its customers.

Is Protein bar good for weight loss?

Protein bars contain a lot of calories and most of them contain sugar. So, it is not good for weight loss. There are some other foods which you can choose as a snack meal for losing weight. Instead of protein bars, you should go with biscuits for weight loss that are low in sugar and calories.

Also, you can made protein bars at home. It is super simple to prepare and much healthier than those high sugar bars. You can also store it for longer time.


Protein bars are a healthy snacking option in busy hours or while traveling. You can carry them with you. But daily intake of protein bars will not be beneficial for weight loss. It can increase your weight by having high calories and sugar. Still, I have told the two protein bars out of which you can chose any one. Use it only occasionally if necessary.

I hope you found the answer of which protein bar is best for weight loss in India. If you liked the post, share it with your friends and family.

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