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when to take mass gainer before or after workout


Mass gainer is one of the known products which are in great demand now. No doubt, mass gainer makes your way easy to gain muscle mass because you don’t need to eat a lot of foods. It almost replaces your 2 meals of the day with only one scoop. But still, one doubt always remains there when to take mass gainer, before or after workout.

Well both times are best and benefits in your mass development. But, I will try to figure out whether you should consume it before or after workout.

Before that, let us first take a look at what actually is a mass gainer? Mass gainer is a dietary supplement which helps you to gain muscle mass. It is high in calorie which helps you to gain healthy mass or weight.

When it comes to nutritional value, it is high in carbohydrates somewhere around 200-250 grams in one serving. Also, a single serving of mass gainer provides almost 50 grams of protein for healthy muscle growth.

But, on the other side, it has a drawback which you can check out here. So, read the full post to get the right information on proper usage without any side effect.

When to take mass gainer, before or after workout?

Before choosing any time to be best for you, first, it is important that you should know about the nutrients you need in pre-workout and post-workout meal.

Before workout

It is suggested to take your pre-workout meal at least one hour before your workout session. Because, it takes time to digest any food especially high calorie foods.

Now to build muscle, you have to lift heavy which requires more energy. Thus, you need to supply high carbohydrates to meet that requirement.

That’s why, in pre-workout meal, it is always suggested to consume food rich in carbs. It will help you to remain active during workout and gives you a push to lift more weight which ultimately add-on muscle mass.

So, from this point of view you can use mass gainer before workout. Its high carbs content gives your body a continuous supply of carbohydrates to break down into energy for better performance.

After workout

After workout meal can be proved much beneficial for you. Although, it is not much necessary to give attention to post-workout meal because muscle development depends on, whether you are fulfilling your daily nutrient requirement or not.

Still, having a nutrient rich post-workout meal has greater benefits.

During exercising, your muscles get teared. Protein repairs your muscle tissues to recover from breakage. In this way, muscle growth takes place.

It is suggested to have a post-workout meal especially protein shake to give instant supply of protein to start recovering your muscles. Remember, you can give instant supply of protein only with isolate whey protein because it is fast digesting.

Along with it, you can also take carbs to restore your energy level.

Now, mass gainer is best option as a post-workout meal because it is high in both carbs and protein. So, your body will get protein for muscle-protein synthesis and carbs to restore your body energy level.

The best time

After workout is consider to be the best time for having mass gainer. It is because mass gainer is heavy for stomach and also takes bigger time in digesting.

On consuming gainer before workout, you feel your stomach heavy during workout which will not allow you to do exercise properly. You feel uncomfortable and the problem persists entirely your workout period. It can also cause problems like acidity, bloating, feel of vomiting, etc.

So, it would be better to consume gainer after workout. You don’t have to worry about anything on consuming after training.


Finally, it can be said that mass gainer is the best supplement to give a boost in your gaining process. You should consume mass gainer after workout to get the most of its benefits. Also, consuming it before workout, makes harder for you to digest easily. Hope you found it helpful, share it with your friends on social media.

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