What muscles do dips work?

Are you also confused about “What Muscles does dips target?” Well, dips are mainly of two types i.e. parallel bar dips and bench dips.

It is one of the best exercises which is often forgotten to use by most of the people. Now, I will explain what is dips and its types, benefits and also what muscles do dips work. 

Dips is that exercise which targets your chest, shoulder and arms at the same time. It helps to develop the strength of your arms, chest and shoulders. You can easily do it in gym or outside or at home because there is no need of any specialized equipment to perform dips. It can easily fit into your gym triceps workout plan.

Dips is also a good exercise for your whole upper body development. 

What muscles do dips work ?

Now, before moving on to the types of dips, let me tell you some of the main muscle groups targeted by dips. There are mainly two types of dips in which one is focusing on your triceps muscle and the other one on your lower chest.

But, both dips variation targets your shoulder and arms too. Your abdominal muscle and glutes also work in stabilizing your body to perform dips. 

Now, let’s talk into detailed information on the variation of dips targeting different muscle groups.

1. Parallel bar dips

Parallel bar dips is one of the best isometric exercise for your upper body development. This exercise primarily focuses on your lower chest but also targets your arms and shoulder as well. So, you can add this exercise in your chest workout routine to improve your muscle and strength. 

How to perform : To perform this exercise, you need a parallel bar of minimum 4 feet in height above ground. Both bars should be at equal height and the distance between bars should be around your shoulder width. You can also use two chairs or bench in place of bars.

Grab both bars and raise your body on the bar such that your arms are fully extended. Your legs should be above the ground and whole body be supported on your arms.

Lean a little forward and then lower your body until your shoulder reach the level of your palms. Then, lift yourself up to get your arms fully straight. This is your first rep.

Repeat the procedure for 10-12 reps according to your capacity and strength. You can also go in advance form by carrying weight plates in your waist.

2. Bench dips

Bench dips is an amazing isometric exercise for your triceps muscle but it can also hurt you. There are more chances of occurring an injury in this exercise than parallel bar dips. 

This exercise gives a pump to your shoulder also. Now, for this exercise, you need a bench of at least 2 feet in height from ground level. You can even use your home bed to perform this exercise.

How to perform :To perform this exercise, first sit on the bench and then hold the bench such that your both hands would be at the side of your waist. Move your body a little forward such that your feet should be at a distance of 2-3 feet from the bench.

Lower your body down until your elbows bend at 90 degrees with your wrist. You can go down as much as  you can but don’t try to cross down the level of your shoulders with your palms level.

Then, lift your body back up to the starting position and repeat for reps. Some people who are at intermediate or advanced levels like to do dips by keeping weighted plates on their thighs and elevating their feet.

Now, I hope you were able to know that what muscles do dips work and what are the benefits of variations of dips. You can also use these dips as triceps workout at home.

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