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[In 2021] what is the best way an individual can remove a barrier to a healthy lifestyle?


Removing barriers to lead a healthy life is neither an easy task nor much difficult. But, you might get to bring some changes in your style of living. It is because your living style decides your body’s health and fitness level. So, today, I will explain you in detail, what is the best way an individual can remove a barrier to a healthy lifestyle?

In the modern era, a good lifestyle is must to keep yourself healthy. Otherwise, this world will swallow up all your happiness without any belch.

People are getting harmful diseases in their early ages which ultimately lead to devastation. In fact, early youngsters also have to suffer from this.

How to remove barriers to a healthy lifestyle?

You might have seen diabetic patients of 25-30 years in age. Diabetes is the most common disease nowadays.

A study of National diabetes statistics report for 2020 shows that around 10.5 percent of US population have diagnosed with diabetes. Also, this percentage include children younger than 18 years.

Another big problem is obesity. It has seen in almost every third person. In a report of 2020, WHO states that , 39 million children who are younger than 5 years old, have obesity.

Think yourself, obesity didn’t even leave children. This is the point from where the beginning of other disease starts. Obesity causes high blood pressure, joint problems, type 2 diabetes, etc.

Those who got obesity in her early ages, may have to suffer from serious problems in future. But, every problem has a solution unless the individual is ready to accept some changes.

First, it is very important to identify the barriers that are obstructing your body to become healthy.

Now, I have described some of the barriers which are most common nowadays and is often seen in almost every unhealthy person.

Improve will power

Your will power plays the most important role. In fact, how long can you follow a change in your diet and lifestyle depends on your will power.

A study conducted among patients in Riyadh city to identify the barriers found that lack of will power is the most common barrier to physical activity and healthy eating. 

A person having strong will power adopt changes easily. He/she will not make any kind of excuses with himself to get rid of following a hard change.

On the other hand, individual having weak will power doesn’t adapt any change easily. He/she always find excuses to fulfill their cravings of unhealthy food. It would feel uncomfortable and laziness to forget those bad habits.

Now, if you have something like this, then first decides to be an individual of strong will power. This factor plays the primary role in removing all barriers for a healthy life.

Avoid empty calories

Consuming foods having empty calories daily is also one of the major barrier for unhealthy lifestyle.

Don’t know what are empty calories?

Empty calories are those which have no nutritional value. These calories generally come from sugar and fats.

 Most of the modern foods are rich in empty calories. These have almost little to no nutrients. One of the major drawback of such foods is that it can easily put on someone’s weight.

Also, consuming a lot of empty caloric foods may lead to nutritional deficiency because it adds up calories in your diet without any protein, carbs, good fats and fiber value and has not any kind of vitamins and minerals.

It is important to check the nutritional label of any food which you buy from market. It helps you to become aware of having empty calories.

The most common food sources of such calories are soft drinks, alcohol, burger, pizza, chocolate bars, chips, cake, soda etc.

Children aged 18 or below are very much fond of such unhealthy foods. Their parents should have to look upon their daily eating habits.

Artificial sweeteners are being added in these foods to make it tastes good and sweet. Candies and cold drinks are full of sugar.

Adding whole unprocessed foods and fruits would be the best option to remove the barrier for healthy living.

It is much better to avoid foods having empty calories rather than suffering from overweight. 

Take a healthy diet rich in carbs, protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Replace unhealthy snacking foods with a healthy meal.

Avoid Sugar

Sugar is the one of those things that is harming your health with sweetness.

According to AHA guidelines, men should not consume more than 35 grams of sugar per day. While for women and children, the recommended daily limit is 25 grams.

But, in a report it is found that Americans consume around 22 grams of sugar per day which is far more than the recommended limit.

The major fact is that almost all foods which are rich in carbohydrates contain sugar. Some foods contain natural sugar and some have added sugars.

Natural foods like fruits, vegetables and milk contain natural sugars. Consuming natural sugars will not going to harm you. Also, foods that are rich in natural sugar also have antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals. So, there is no need to worry about those foods.

On the other hand, added sugar is not healthy. This sugar is prepared by some manufacturing processes. Foods like peanut butter, protein bars, biscuits, beverages, etc are high in added sugars.

The main reason behind consuming excess sugar is your snacking option. Most of the time, the foods which you take in your snacks are rich in added sugar. While on the other side, you are also consuming sugar from natural foods.

So, in total, you will be getting most of your calories from sugar, some from your snacks and some from fruits and vegetables.   

This causes diabetes, heart problems and other chronic illness.

Thus, avoid adding those foods in your diet which are high in added sugar. Otherwise, you will find yourself in a big trouble.

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Do Exercise regularly

This is also one of the best way an individual can remove a barrier to a healthy lifestyle. At present, no one is unaware of the benefits of the exercise. It is believed that regular exercises helps to increase your age to some extent.

It also helps you to prevent from various diseases like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, etc. All of this depends on your consistency to do exercises. There is no magic that gives your results in some days.

If you don’t have much time to give some minutes to exercise than you can do any other physical activity. All you need is to remain active throughout the day. One of the best example is, you can chose stairs instead of lift or elevator to go to upper floor.

Now, exercises also burns out your calories which means you can do it to reduce your weight. Obese or fatty people can easily reduce their body weight or fat by doing exercises on daily basis.

It improves your mood and helps to get your mind relaxed after workout. Also, it boost the work of your cardiovascular system that pump up blood flow to your muscle cells. With it, all nutrients reach properly to your body cells.

Exercises build up your muscle strength, stamina and endurance.

In fact, I always recommend everyone to add exercises in their daily routine because of its countless benefits.

Practice Meditation

Meditation is also gaining popularity as people explore its health benefits. It is completely different from exercises. You need to learn the art of meditation.

It is believed that meditation helps the person to bring his thoughts into actionable steps.

Yoga is also much powerful and is the combination of physical activity and meditation.

People have their opinion that meditation is a method to improve your concentration power and emotional health. It is considered to be helpful in increasing the attention span to perform a task.

It has proved in a study that people who practiced meditation regularly have larger attention span than those who don’t practice.

Now, the best point in meditation is  you don’t require any special equipment to practice whereas in some exercises, you need some equipments.

People practice meditation for years to achieve peace, calm and balance in their life. It helps to reduce negative emotions and feelings.

Also, meditation increases your power of imagination and creativity. Some research proved that meditation is helpful in treating headaches, anxiety, asthma and sleep problems.

Even, most of the entrepreneurs do meditation regularly for relaxation and reducing stress.

The most important benefit of meditation is that it helps you to achieve your goal. It is because it enables you to keep mentally strong.

So, you can start practicing meditation to live a healthy and stress free life. You will feel better surroundings and have enough strength to tackle any situation.

Drink enough water

Everybody knows, water is the necessity of human beings. On an average, 80 percent of people are not grabbing its health benefits because of lack of water consumption.

No doubt, there are many diseases spreading around the whole world. But, water alone can cure some of the harmful diseases like kidney stones, constipation, etc.

Generally, it is suggested to drink 8 glasses of water per day. But, the amount is not fixed and it may vary from one individual to another.

If your body releases sweat because of exercising or working in hot weather or any other reason, then you need more water consumption. It is because you are losing water in the form of sweat.

There are also some persons who always stay in air conditioned rooms and only have to work sitting on their seat. In that case, their body can stay hydrated by drinking just 6 to 8 glasses of water.

Lack of water level in body causes dehydration which has many disadvantages.

Dehydration in your body can cause kidney stones. It is because your kidney is not receiving enough water to filter out properly.

Drinking enough water keeps you physically active throughout the day.

You can also detect the whether you are drinking enough water or not?  This can be done by checking urine color. Dark or light yellow color urine means there is something lacking in your daily water consumption.

So, make a habit to drink at least one cup of water in every hour.  Don’t focus on how much water you need to drink per day. What matters the most is whether you stay hydrated or not.

Reduce screen time

Before 10 or 20 years, the world was not much digitalized. But at present, everything is moving towards online world.

It has also increased the screen time because whether it is online shopping, playing video games, or watching movies, everything is happening on screen in the form of mobile, tablet and pc. 

There are so many advantages of digital world but on the other side it has some cons also.

One biggest cons of this is, it is keeping children away from parents. Children are so much busy in their phones such that they are not sharing their thoughts with parents. I don’t want to talk much about it and lets move forward.  

Screen time affects a lot on your health. Working on screen for longer time puts load on your eyes and brain. It can cause problems like headache and weak eye sight.

But some people have to work on sitting in front of screen. Now most people are preferring to do work from home which will increase more screen time.

So, Is there any solution to prevent the side effects of screen time.

Yes, there is one solution. You can use anti glare glasses or blue-ray cut glasses. These glasses are designed to prevent the harmful ultraviolet blue rays entering into your eyes.

Most of the person who works regularly in front of screen are using it. So, use antiglare glasses whether you are a heavy user on screen or not. If your eyes are fine now, then glasses can prevent to affect its vision.


Bad habits and poor diet will cause harmful problems instead of giving healthy life. It is mandatory to bring some changes in order to save your life with health issues in future.

There are a lot of steps which you can follow in order to live a healthy life. But, I have curated some simple but major barriers which stop everyone to  move to a path of healthy lifestyle. I hope, now you have found the answer of what is the best way an individual can remove a barrier to a healthy lifestyle.

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