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What does cottage cheese taste like? [Taste, Benefits and precautions]


When it comes to knowing about cottage cheese, it is different from all other cheeses. Although you have varieties of cheese in the market, if you are going to buy cottage cheese for the first time, a question definitely strikes in your mind that “what does cottage cheese taste like“. This is natural if you have never tasted it before. 

First time, I also have a bad experience with cottage cheese and feel vomiting after consuming it. But, after knowing the right way of using it made super easy for me to use it on daily basis.

So, today I am not only going to cover the taste of cottage cheese but also about its health benefits and precautions which is important for knowing before using it. 

What is cottage cheese?

First you should know about what is cottage cheese so that you can decide whether you can use it in your diet plan or not. 

Cottage cheese is a milk derived product which is different from others like mozzarella or cheddar cheese in taste, texture, style and fat content. It is due to its process of making and pasteurizing.

Cottage cheese is curd cheese in which water is removed after curdling. It is mostly used by the gym goers because of its high protein content. Unlike other cheeses, it is considered to be the healthy one.

It is white in colour and has a soft and creamy texture which is almost used in every kitchen for making regular diet. 

What does cottage cheese taste like?

Cottage cheese has an odd smell which may be the reason why most of the people don’t like it. It is a little salty in taste. 

The taste of the cottage cheese depends on the milk fat content in it. The cottage cheese with high fat content gives a milkier taste but low fat cottage cheese is sour in taste. 

People also get scared of its milk soft texture as it is made from the lumps of curd on removing whey.

It’s soft texture also contains some curd which you will see after cutting it. 

There is also one main reason why most of the guys don’t like it. And this is the process of making cottage cheese.

You may know that cottage cheese is made from spoiled milk and how someone can be ready to eat any kind of spoiled food. 

How cottage cheese is prepared?

Cottage cheese is prepared after spoiling the cow’s milk at moderate temperature. An enzyme called rennin is used to spoil the milk.

After spoiling, lumps are formed which is separated from the  remaining whey. The collected lumps are then put into a piece of cloth to bind it tightly. On binding, the lumps release water but not completely drained out.

Then, it is allowed to keep in the refrigerator for at least 2-4 hours to completely settle down and make a block of soft cottage cheese.

Nutritional value of cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is a low calorie healthy food with high protein. One serving (100 grams) of cottage cheese contains around a total of 98 calories.

It has 4.3 grams of saturated fat which is almost 6% of your daily value.

The carbs content is only 3.4 grams and it gives you 11g of protein along with 17(5%) mg of cholesterol, 364 mg (15%) of sodium and 104(2%) mg of potassium.

How healthy is cottage cheese

Since, the taste of cottage cheese is not much better but if you look at “How healthy is cottage cheese”, then you will say it is worth adding to your diet plan.

I have listed some of the main health benefits of cottage cheese.

High protein: As I already said that it is a low carb food which is rich in protein. So, it is preferred by many dieticians and also it helps to achieve your daily protein requirement.

Most of the gym goers use it in their regular diet plan to support their daily need of protein which is essential for their muscle growth. 

Assist in Weight loss: Cottage cheese can help you in losing weight. In a weight loss diet, you have to consume low calorie foods in order to control your daily calorie intake.

Cottage cheese contains a low amount of calories to support your weight loss meal plan. You can use it in your soups or in salad.

Rich in vitamins and minerals: Cottage cheese is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals.

Each serving of cottage cheese contains around 30 % of the daily value of phosphorus and sulphur. It has vitamin B12 with other vitamins like vitamin A, B1 and B3.

Supports strong bones: As cottage cheese is a dairy product, it is rich in calcium which makes our bones strong. 100 grams of cottage cheese provides you 8% of the daily recommended value of calcium. 

Helps to achieve ketosis: If you are on a keto diet or want to achieve ketosis, you can add it in your keto meal plan. Like other keto foods, it is also low calorie and low carbs food to achieve your weight loss goal.

How to eat cottage cheese ?

I know it’s difficult to eat cottage cheese because of its bad taste. But, there are so many ways to consume it which also improve the taste of it. 

You can consume it after a little roasting in vegetable oil. Also can sprinkle some salt and pepper salt on it which is the best way to eat cottage cheese.

Cottage cheese can also be used in many savoury dishes. You can also use it in the form of salads with little salt and also in soups.

So, avoid using it without cooking to vanish the sour taste of cottage cheese. 

How long does cottage cheese last ?

There is a question which is often asked by most of the cottage cheese consumers that “How long does cottage cheese last”. This is because nobody has time to go to supermarket daily for buying cottage cheese.

So, you can store cottage cheese for one week. Also, some brands of cottage cheese are claiming that their cottage cheese lasts for about two weeks.

In short, we can say that, once you enter supermarket, you can buy cottage cheese for one or two week.

Precautions of cottage cheese

There are some measures which you have to take care before using cottage cheese.

  1. If you are lactose intolerant or have some allergy to dairy products, then you should avoid using it.
  2. Do not consume it in excess on a daily basis, otherwise, it may harm your kidney.
  3. After consuming cottage cheese, if you feel vomiting or any kind of bloating in your stomach, then stop using it.


If you are still thinking about, “what does cottage cheese taste like”, then you should definitely give it a try. Cottage cheese taste is not so good but if you want to grab the health benefits of it, then you can avoid its taste.

You can combine it with other foods to overcome its sour and salty taste. Almost, every healthy food has a bad taste, but you have to find the right way of using them.

So, it doesn’t matter what cottage cheese taste like if you aware about How healthy is cottage cheese and what is the best way to eat cottage cheese.

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