[BEST] veg protein rich food in India

Veg protein rich food in India is the most common question asking by many vegetarians. Protein is the most essential macro-nutrient for your body and is also lacking in the diet of most of the Indian people. So, I will show you some of the best veg protein rich food in India.

Its not much difficult for non vegetarian people to fulfill the need of protein but hard for you if you are vegetarian and thinking to fulfill your daily need of protein and promote muscle growth.

The reason behind it is there are not so much high protein vegetarian food available. So, it always become tough for you to find the best veg protein sources in india.

Protein is very important for the growth of your body’s muscles and also for our health. Hairs need protein for their strength and our muscles demand protein for muscle growth.

Indian people specially who are gym lovers and also vegetarian have a big problem to fulfill the demand of protein in their diet.

Also, some of them have a tight budget which often makes it difficult to decide the best and cheap high protein sources. There are many plant based foods and dairy products available which are rich in protein.

Veg protein sources

Now lets take a look on the 8 best veg sources of protein that will help you to fulfill your protein intake and promote muscle growth.

1. Soya chunks:

It is one of the highest vegetarian protein rich food in India. It is also the cheapest veg protein food and is easily available in the Indian market.

Soya chunks has a total of about 345 calories in 100 grams with 52 of protein and 33g carbohydrates along with 13g dietary fibre. You can consume it after boiling and can add a little salt for taste or you can roast it in oil with chopped onions and tomato if you like.

I recommend you to take it after roasting because it provides a taste in your diet. Consuming boiled soya chunks directly is tasteless and it may not digest easily.

There are many myths in India that Soya chunks produces female harmone in male. But taking 50 grams of soya products on a daily basis is safe.

2. Peanuts:

Nuts are a great veg source of protein. Raw peanuts and roasted peanuts both are easily available in Indian market and is also cheap source of protein.


100 grams of peanuts contains around 567 calories with 49g of fat, 26g of protein, 16 g of carbohydrates and 9grams of dietary fibre. It is also high in potassium which is about 20 % of daily value.

3. Kidney beans:

In India, it is often known by name RAJMAH dal. It is one of the pulses that is high in protein compared to all other pulses.


It has a total of  around 333calories in 100 g with 60g of carbs, 24g of protein, 25g of dietary fibre, and 1406mg of potassium.

4. Almonds:

Almond is one of the best veg protein rich food. You should add almonds in your daily diet routine. Although, it is not cheap source of protein.

But, if you can afford it, then definitely you should add it as it is not only a good source of protein but also a good source of omega 3 which is good for your hairs.

veg-protein-sources-in india

It has a total of 579 calories in 100 grams with 50 g of fat, 22g of carbs, 21g of protein and 13g of fiber.

5. Paneer:

Paneer is one of the best veg protein rich food in India and dairy product which has high content of protein. It can be consumed directly in raw form or after roasting it in oil.

You can take 50-100 grams of it on regular basis. Don’t exceed the limit of 100 grams per day otherwise it may not safe for you.

veg-protein-sources-in india

It has a total of around 265 calories with 20g of fat, 18g of protein and 2g of carbohydrates. If you are on a diet to lose weight then avoid it as it high in fats.

6. Tofu:

Tofu is mostly used by those people who goes to gym. It is basically a soya protein which is high in protein.

veg-protein-sources-in india

Tofu has a total of around 117 calories in 100 grams with 14g of protein, 7g of fat, 2.2g of carbs, and 1.9 g of fiber.

7. Milk:

Milk is a best dairy product and everyone should add it in their diet. It is a complete pack of nutrients for your health.


Milk contains a total of 125 calories in 1 glass of milk with 12g of carbs, 8.5g of protein and 4.7g of fat. It is good for your bones also because it has 24% calcium of daily value.

8. Eggs:

Eggs are a great veg source of protein. Most of the gym lovers take it because eggs helps in building out a lean muscle mass. You can consume boiled eggs or ommelte.


One egg contains about 78 calories with 6g of protein, 5g of fat and 0.6g of carbs.

If you want to build lean muscle mass or to lose fat then you should consume eggs on daily basis.


For best protein rich foods in India, you can consume soya chunks, peanuts, kidney beans, almonds, paneer, tofu, milk, eggs, etc. These foods are high in protein and you can easily be able to find these foods in your market.

You can add 4-5 foods from the above 8 best protein foods in your regular meal plan to increase progress in your goal.

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