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Today, we will going to talk about best triceps workout in gym for mass or size. Most of the people wants to make bigger arms and to achieve this, they only focuses on their biceps. But the real fact is that our triceps constitute more than 60% of your overall arms size. So, you should not ignore your triceps head muscle. In this article I will tell you the best triceps workout in gym that will some techniques that will help you to develop your triceps.

Anatomy of triceps

Triceps muscle is made up of three different heads which are long head, lateral head and the medial head.  The long head and the lateral head are located in the inside and the outside of the arm. And in between these two heads, medial head is present. So to develop your muscle size you should have to focus on all those triceps exercise in gym that hit all the three heads of triceps.  

Techniques For Triceps Exercises                  

You should also have to follow the following two techniques that will help you to effectively develop your triceps mass or size:

*Proper warmup: always do proper warmup of the triceps muscle before starting the schedule. You can do some of the isometric exercise like  regular pushups, diamond pushups, etc.

*Targetting your triceps: You should focus on targeting on your triceps instead of shoulders.   

 Next, I will tell you 7 of the best triceps compound exercises in gym for mass that help you in targeting all the three heads of triceps.

                       Exercise No.1: Diamond Pushups

This is one of the best isometric exercise for the triceps muscle. You can also do it at home and as a warm up before starting your  exercise schedule in gym.

To perform: You have to getting down on the ground on your knees and placing both hands close together on the ground making a diamond shape with your fingers. Then straight your legs and get a pushup position. Lower yourself down with your elbows close to your body and press back up to the starting position. Then repeat for reps.

If you feel something lightly then you can stack some weight on your back to put more tension on your triceps.

                      Exercise No.2: Close Grip Bench Press

This is a compound triceps exercise that helps to target your muscle to a much greater degree.

To perform: lay on a flat bench and grab the barbell with your both hands at two inches closer than shoulder width. Your shoulder should be pulled together, maintain an arche in your spine and then unrack the bar. Lower the barbell down to your lower chest line and hold it for 1 second. Then, press the barbell up to the original position and repeat for reps.

You can use some heavy weight in this exercise that will help in your triceps muscle growth.

                     Exercise No.3: Dumbbell over head

This exercise hits more of your long head of triceps.

To perform: Take a seat on a flat bench holding a heavy dumbbell on one of your knees.Then, push the dumbbell up with your knees and place it on your knees. Grab the dumbbell by circular weight at the end with one hand stacked on top of the other. Then press the weight above your head until your arms get fully straight. Lower the weight down slowly behind your head keeping your elbows close together. After that, extend your elbows and raise the dumbbell to the original starting position and then repeat for reps.

                        Exercise No.4: EZ Bar Triceps Press

This is one of the best exercise for inner long head of triceps.

To perform: Grab an EZ bar at the inner grip of bar and lay down on a flat bench. Then press the barbell up until your arms get straight above your chest. Bring your arms back a bit and then bend your elbows. Then lower the barbell down close to your head and extend your arms until the barbell is back to the starting position and repeat for reps. Make sure your elbows stay in one position and don’t flare your elbows out while performing. Only your forearms should be moving.

                     Exercise No.5: Dumbbell kick back   

 It is another great exercise for lateral head of triceps.

To perform: to begin this exercise, place your elbows on a bench. Get your upper body a little lower and you would start your elbows bent close to your ribs and your forearm along with the dumbbell hanging straight down towards the ground. From there extend your arms and bring the dumbbell straight back until  your arms get fully locked and then lower the dumbbell back down to the starting position and repeat for reps. Don’t swing your elbows while performing this exercise.

                       Exercise No.6: Cable Over Head

This exercise puts a lot of tension in lateral head of triceps.

To perform: Raise the pulley all the way up and grab the straight bar and turn around such that the bar ends up behind your head. Take position so that your upper arms would be a little higher above parallel with the ground and you would leaning forward in a split stance with one foot in front of the other. Extend your arms and bring the bar straight out in front of you then bring it back to the starting position and repeat for reps. Make sure that your elbows should remain close while performing this exercise.

                       Exercise No.7: Push Down Triceps

This is a very effective exercise for lateral head of triceps.

To perform: First raise the pulley all the way up and then attach a straight bar. Grab the bar and bring it right to your chest. You have to lean slightly forward to maintain a balance. After attaining a position, push the bar down by extending your arms until your arms are fully locked. Then slowly lower the weight down to the starting position and then repeat for reps.

All the above exercises  in gym helps to develop your triceps size if you would perform these in proper position.

Sets and reps:

Don’t do all of these exercises in one day, select 4 or 5 exercise and perform each for 3 sets of 6 to 10 reps with 45-60 seconds break in between sets. 

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