Triceps Workout at home

 If you can’t spend your precious time in fitness center, then no need to worry about that. Here’s the best triceps workout at home to develop your triceps muscle size.

These exercises ultimately contributes to the growth of  your overall arms size. In your arms size, triceps takes a place of more than 60 percent. So, you can’t ignore that if you want the bigger arms. Now, let’s move on to the list of triceps exercises at home.

1. Push ups

Pushups is the best triceps workout at home that you can easily do. I always give pushups the first preference because it is helpful in targeting your overall upper body.

This exercise gives a pump to your muscle which is necessary to avoid any injury before attempting a targeted exercise.

To do this exercise, simply lay down with your hands at shoulder width and legs fully extended. Lower your upper body down and touch your chest with the ground to give a proper stretch to all muscles. And then back up to the original position by pushing the ground with your palms. 

2. ‎Incline pushups

For incline pushups exercise, you need a box or bench of 2 feet in height. You can even use your bed. Place your palms a little narrower than regular pushups and extend your legs straight. Then lower yourself down and push back up. Repeat for reps.

3. ‎Diamond pushups

This is the one of the best triceps exercise at home to target your triceps. You’ll also feel a little tension on your shoulders while performing this exercise.

To perform this exercise, place your palms on the floor such that your both hands make a diamond shape on the floor. Your palms should be below the center of your chest and your wrists must be at 90 degree with shoulder. Then, bring your upper down to the floor and then reverse back up to the starting position and repeat for reps. 

4. ‎ Triceps dips

This exercise also need a bench or box or you can use your bed also which is 2 feet in height. First sit down on the bench and then place the hands on the bench at the side of your hips.

Grab the side of the bench with your hands and move your rest body forward such that your feet should be at a distance of 3 feet from the bench.

Stretch your chest out and then lower your body down such that your hips will go downward while bending your elbows. Lower your body to maximum capacity. Please warm up your wrists to avoid any injury before attempting this exercise. 

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5. ‎Dumbbell triceps extension

For this exercise, you need a light weight dumbbell. This exercise is easy and have simple mechanism. Grab the dumbbell in one of your hand and lift the dumbbell above the level of your head such that your arms are straight.

Then, from there, allow the dumbbell to come down while bending your elbow and return back up to the starting position. Make sure that your elbow remain fixed at their position and your forearms touch your biceps while doing dumbbell extension.

Repeat for reps and then follow the same procedure with the other hand. 

6. ‎Dead stop push ups:

To do this exercise, start with a regular push up position.  Place your hands on the floor at a wider gap than shoulder width. Lower your body all the way down to the floor and rest for 1 second. Then, lift your palms from the floor and place them back on the floor and push your body up back to the starting position. And repeat for reps.

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I hope you will like all of the above exercises. Let me know in comment section which exercise you found easy and effective for your triceps muscle.

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