[Top 5] best strategy for avoiding chronic diseases caused by a high-calorie diet?

 Are you also worried about, “which is the best strategy for avoiding chronic diseases caused by a high-calorie diet?”.  I am assuring you that your search definitely ends up here.

You might be aware that if you get any type of chronic diseases, then you may have to suffer it for a lifetime. But, most of the chronic disease can be prevent or even reversed by changing diet and lifestyle.

There are different chronic diseases like kidney disease, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, etc. It has been proven in a research in America that 75% of $3.5 million in health care costs are due to chronic diseases. And also around 40-50 percent of the deaths are caused due to such chronic diseases. 

Main causes of chronic diseases

If you want to cure chronic disease, then you should first find out the roots of main causes of it.

The main cause of most of the chronic diseases is improper nutrition and bad lifestyle. I think you know what I am talking about. You are ready to consume any junk food any time but not ready to move your body.

You take alcohol and eat unhealthy and unhygienic snacks and even not ready to do exercise on a daily basis.

Have you ever asked yourself whether these types of unhealthy foods are good for you or not?

Maybe the main problem is you know everything about the foods which you are consuming but not ready to accept the truth.

All the chronic diseases from which people are suffering nowadays is due to unhealthy nutrition. So, here comes the solution of avoiding chronic diseases. 

If you change your style of eating and living, you will definitely get results in avoiding or reducing the effects of chronic disease. Although, I know it’s very difficult to adopt a new healthy lifestyle in short time. But, I think you should give your health the first preference and every journey starts with a single step.

All those street foods and spicy foods can give you a better taste for a short time but not a better and healthy life. 

Strategies for avoiding Chronic Disease

There are few simple strategies which I am going to tell you. If you follow these strategies, then this would help you to avoid chronic disease.

Best strategy to avoid chronic disease:

  1. Replace unhealthy foods with healthy ones
  2. Start exercising on daily basis
  3. Avoid high-calorie diet
  4. Avoid overeating
  5. Stop consuming Sugars

Now, I am going to explain all these strategies in detail so that you can easily understand how these strategies works.

Replace unhealthy foods with healthy ones

Now, the first strategy for avoiding chronic disease caused by a high-calorie diet is to include all those foods which are healthy and exclude unhygienic foods from your diet.

This will allow your body to absorb the right nutrition. But, if you are a drunkard, then you must avoid consuming alcohol because alcohol or liquor damages your organs internally.

And if you start taking the proper nutritional foods, your body will automatically help you to fight against these diseases. 

Now, the question is, “which foods you can add in your diet in order to save yourself from chronic diseases”. Well, there are a lot of foods available and also you might be consuming these in your meal plan. But, your way of preparing those foods is wrong.

Let’s dive into it to understand the full concept.

You buy some veggies from the market to make your next meal. After washing and cutting the whole veggies, you fry it and add spices and some extra material to make it a delicious dish.

Almost all dishes and unhealthy meals are prepared from healthy natural foods. But, we convert them to unhealthy spicy foods just for taste. So, here comes the point which you have to change.

You should have to change the way you cook your food. Avoid using excess spices to preserve the healthy nutrients of foods. I suggest you prepare your dishes with less spices as much as possible. 

Green vegetables soup also benefits you a lot in avoiding chronic diseases. It has all the essential vitamins and minerals for the requirement of your body. 

Next, you should add some salads in your diet. Salads are in their raw form due to which all their nutrients get preserved. The more you cook any vegetables, the higher amount of nutrients get vanished.

And so, you can take tomato, carrot, onions, etc. in salads to consume all the nutrients of those foods.

Start Exercising on daily basis

Next, the second strategy which I think is also very important for every individual is exercise. I don’t know whether you are exercising daily or not. But, exercises play a vital role in our life for being healthy.

You must withdraw 1-2 hours from your busy schedule for exercise. It is not necessary to go to any fitness center and get expensive membership for exercising daily. You can even do some free hand exercises at your home in less space and time.

Exercises help you to refresh your mood and boost your body. With every single drop of sweat, you find yourself free from all the tension. Exercises also help to burn the calories which you are consuming daily. 

Avoid high-calorie diet

The third strategy for avoiding chronic disease caused by a high-calorie diet is to avoid consuming a higher amount of calories regularly.

It has proved in a study of University of California, San Francisco that consuming low calories daily benefits for your life to live longer.  High calorie diet is the biggest reason for obesity in individuals. 

Avoid Overeating

The fourth strategy is to avoid overeating. A lot of individuals eat when they are not really hungry.

Remember one thing, “Almost all living beings eat when they feel hungry except human beings”. So, when you are feeling any hunger, then avoid consuming any food. It will also help you in lowering your calorie intake level.

Stop consuming sugars

The fifth strategy is to avoid consuming sugars as much as possible. Out of many chronic diseases, type 2 diabetes is one of the most common diseases.

So, if you are suffering from diabetes, then you must avoid sugar rich foods and if you are not a diabetic patient, then try to avoid the use of sugar in order to prevent yourself from diabetes.


Chronic diseases are not as much dangerous as it appears. But, if you take these diseases lightly, then it may even cause death. Every disease can be easily treated with healthy nutrition plan to reverse the effect.

All you need, is a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle. You can prevent or reverse chronic diseases by consuming healthy foods like fruits, fruit juices, salads, vegetable soups, etc.

And also, if you consume alcohol, try to limit or avoid the use of it it as much as possible. You should also exercise daily for at least half an hour to refresh or boost up your body.

Now, if you follow all the best strategies for avoiding chronic diseases caused by a high calorie-diet, you will automatically see better results.

Let me know in the comment section, which strategy you think is difficult for you to follow, so that I will help you to come out from that problem. If you wish, share it with your friends on social media to spread the awareness about chronic diseases.

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