Can I mix whey protein with mass gainer?


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Is mass gainer bad for your kidneys?


Mass gainers are used for weight gain or mass gain. But you think that mass gainer is not harmful to your kidneys. And mostly, you want to know whether mass gainers cause kidney stones? Well, the short and straightforward answer is NO because it does not contain any substance that affects your kidneys or cause … Read more

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Can I build muscle without protein powder?


Yes, you can build muscle without protein powder. You can also get better results with natural foods than those who are taking whey protein to grow muscles. Today, I will tell you how you can gain muscle without using any whey protein supplement.  Just read out the full post until finished. There are many myths … Read more

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Here’s How many days 1kg or 2kg whey protein last ?


In general, one kg whey protein can last up to 15-30 days depending on your body’s protein requirement and ultimately on the number of servings you consume per day. Protein is that micro-nutrient which you can’t ignore if you are a sports person. If you like gymming or an athlete, then you will know how … Read more

how do I build my outer shoulder?


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