ON serious mass before and after

Are you also worried about, “Will you gain weight or mass by using ON serious mass gainer?” You might have seen many pictures or videos on body transformation with ON serious mass before and after results.

But, you should never decide to choose any product based on other people’s body transformations.

Every individual has a different body type and different diet and exercise schedule. So, you can’t say that you will also get the same results as them using ON serious mass gainer.

Will You also get same results with serious mass product ?

Now, here I will tell you some of the key features of the serious mass gainer on the basis of which you can decide whether you should buy it for gaining mass or not.

First of all, keep in your mind that supplement alone is not sufficient for you to gain weight or mass. You will also need a proper diet which has all the required nutrients needed for you.

ON mass gainer or any mass gainer contributes only about 5-10% of your daily need. If you think that you can gain weight or mass only with the ON mass gainer then sorry to say, but you are wrong. 

Now, let me first tell you the average nutritional requirement of your body. Your body needs around 2 gm of protein and 4 gm of carbs per kg of your body weight on regular basis.

For example : If your body weight is 60 kg, then, you need around 120 grams of protein and 240 grams of carbs on a daily basis. Along with these, you also need vitamins, minerals, fiber and fats.

These values of proteins and carbs requirements are average because nobody can give you a fixed amount which your body needs as it depends on your workout and your daily routine work.

But, you should maintain your diet in such a way that your diet can fulfill at least these approximated requirements.

Nutritional facts of serious mass

 ‎If we talk about the nutritional profile of each serving of optimum nutrition weight gainer, it contains around a total of 1243 calories which has 50 grams of protein and 254 grams of carbs along with 3 grams of fat.

Out of 254 grams of carbs, it has 20 grams of sugar which I think is not good for your health. This sugar content is not only present in ON mass gainer but you will find it in almost all mass gainer brands.

If you are working out daily and your workout is intense, then you can compromise with this sugar content. 

Now, you yourself can see how much ON mass gainer can fulfill the nutritional requirement of your body.

So, a mass gainer helps to support your diet plan in order to meet the daily need of your body but a supplement can never become your full day diet plan. 

Remember one thing, after workout, your muscles get torn which need almost 48 hours with a proper diet for recovery. So, don’t try to train that muscle again in between those recovery periods. 

So, the question is “what type of foods you should take with serious weight gainer to achieve good results in short period of time.”

In order to gain weight or mass, your body’s primary requirement is protein, carbs and fats.

You can also say that your body will have to be in a caloric surplus so that after workout, your body can refuel and your muscles can repair faster.

Now, I will tell you some of the foods which you can add in your daily diet plan to achieve your goal of gaining muscle mass or weight. 


First, for gaining weight or mass, your primary focus should be on carbs. Carbohydrates provide us energy and also helps you to consume more calories.

It is because you very well know that almost all foods which we often take in our daily diet plan contain carbohydrates. But, in this case, you have to take those foods which are high in carbs.

You can take oats and sweet potatoes to meet your carbs requirement. Oats are high in carbs but low in protein. It is better to take it for breakfast.

On the other hand, sweet potatoes are rich in carbs and good fats.


Sometimes, you may have heard that fats aren’t good for your health.

But, it may be somewhere wrong because fats are of two types : good fats and bad fats. It is your choice whether you consume good or bad fats.

I think you should definitely add those foods which are high in good fats. One of the examples is peanut butter which contains good fats.

A simple butter is full of fats but it contains bad fats which is not beneficial for your health. 


Next, your diet must contain protein rich foods. Protein is the most essential requirement for muscle gaining.

After workout, your body needs protein to heal up your muscle tissues. That’s why it is suggested to take high protein post-workout meals.

You can consume eggs, red meat, Nuts, lentils, etc. to fulfill your protein needs. 


In Last, I only say that if you follow a proper diet plan rich with all nutrients, then you will definitely get results with ON serious mass. The other thing which you have to keep in your mind, your workout also plays the most important role in your mass gaining process.

Now, I am sure, you have found the answer to whether you will see a difference with serious mass gainer before and after using it or not.

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