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[2021 updated] All about muscleblaze whey protein


Muscleblaze whey protein is one of the best Indian whey protein brands. Being an Indian brand, you always have a confusion of “How is muscleblaze whey protein?”.

It’s because most of the people believes that Indian brands are not genuine and cannot provide quality supplements than other foreign brands.

So, now I will give you muscleblaze whey protein review and promising that your opinion on it will change after reading the full article.

Is Muscleblaze whey protein good?

Muscleblaze protein powder is providing high quality protein in affordable prices.

The best part is they are importing their raw source from USA which gives you the assurity of its quality.

Most of the muscleblaze products are good which have positive reviews from people.

Best Muscleblaze whey protein in India

There are many whey protein which muscleblaze has crafted for the people.

That’s why, many of you got confused about which muscleblaze whey is best?

So, here are some of the known famous protein powders available in Indian market:

 Muscleblaze beginners whey protein

This protein powder is designed specially for beginners.

If you not have used any whey protein, then this is perfect for you. It helps to fulfill your protein need.

The protein available in its is in concentrate form. It is available in two flavor-chocolate and mango.

Nutritional value


It comes 1 kg variant with different flavors.

Muscleblaze beginners whey protein 1kg in India has a price range of Rs 1000-1100 on amazon and other shopping sites.

Offline market price of this product is Rs 1200-1300.

Muscleblaze raw whey isolate 90%

Muscleblaze whey protein isolate 90% is unflavored which gives you the freedom of making a protein shake of your taste.

It is best for those who have tight budget and are looking for gaining lean muscles.

If you want to lose your body fat, then, it can also help you to cut down your calories.

It is the purest form of whey protein but in raw form. It helps to refuel your muscles quickly after intense workout.

Isolate whey protein has faster absorption rate than concentrate whey protein.

You can also ask muscleblaze whey protein isolate review with any of your friends who have used it once.

Nutritional value


This product also comes in only 1 kg variant with no flavors. 

Muscleblaze whey isolate 1 kg price is around Rs 1400-1600 which depends on the shopping place.

You can buy it from online shopping store or from offline store depending on your wish.

Muscleblaze whey gold protein

This is also 100% whey isolate protein which enriches your muscles.

Isolate protein powder absorbs rapidly in the body and reaches your muscles in less time for faster muscle recovery. 

This is the reason why muscleblaze whey gold reviews are much positive and has made a strong competition with other foreign branded proteins.

Nutritional value


MB whey gold protein comes in three variants i.e 1kg, 2kg and 4kg.

1kg whey gold price in India is around Rs 2600-3000 and 2kg comes under Rs4700- 5000.

Four kg variant is less available but if you wish, you can buy it online which costs you around Rs8000- 10000.  

Muscleblaze iso-zero low carb whey protein

Muscleblaze iso-zero is the pure isolate protein. It’s perfect for those who want to lose weight fastly.

It helps to burn your calories and converting them to muscles.

Your body needs high protein if you want to make a purely lean body with cutting and no fat percentage. ‘

It is ideal for advance bodybuilder and for cutting cycle.

Nutritional value


Iso-zero low carb whey protein is available in 1 kg as well as in 2kg. ‘

This Muscleblaze whey isolate 1 kg price in india is Rs2900-3300 while the 2 kg pack costs you around Rs5500-6000.

Why is muscleblaze cheap?

One of the biggest reasons which lower down their prices is that muscleblaze is an Indian brand. It manufacture their products in India and so, you don’t have to pay much taxes. Many of the other top brands, like Optimum nutrition(ON), Dymatize, etc. are costly because in India, their products are imported by USA and this is the biggest reason which affects their cost.

Does muscleblaze have side effects?

Muscleblaze doesn’t have any side effects. But, muscleblaze concentrated protein powder has a little bloating issues. Some people have to suffer from stomach bloating for 1 hour on using raw form.


Muscleblaze whey protein is the best option for you if you looking for high quality under low prices. It is budget friendly and cost-effective. You can buy muscleblaze whey protein from amazon, muscleblaze site or from offline market.

Hope you enjoyed the full article and found the article helpful. Let me know in the comment section that which whey protein are you going to buy and why? Keep sharing it with your friends and family.

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