Hair Fall in men| causes and treatment

Today we will talk about hair fall reasons in men and its treatment in this article. How to fix hair fall? Those people who have hair fall or hair thinning, how to fix it? which food is good for them? what should be avoided? I will give you detailed information about that.

Hair is a very special part of your body. Around 85% of men and 45% of women suffer from hair loss. Your look depends greatly on hairs. How is your hair style? Whether in men or in women ,their look depend heavily on it. It depends a lot on women because they keep changing their hairstyles on a daily basis.

The more lengthy hair you have, the more style you will have. Hair loss not only affects appearance but also destroys confidence, inter personal relationships and even careers. As many as 75% of all women think that balding man looks less attractive. It has been seen that one of the most common and dangerous misconceptions about hair loss is that it is a cosmetic problem.

There are 40 different health disorders that could result in hair loss in men including anaemia, nutritional deficiency, thyroid diabetes etc.. Overall it is found that, people overly disturbed and depressed over hair loss in itself aggravates the problem. A certain amount of hair fall is normal. So no need for panic attack, when you find few strands in your brush. Now the question is , how to fix if hair loss is happening or hairs are getting thinned out?

How to diagnose hair Fall in men?

First of all you have to check, whether your hair is falling or not?

 To check, grab your hairs between your thumb and your index finger, press and drag as many hairs as you can hold. After pulling, if you have almost 6 hairs in your hand, then you are at risk of hair loss, your hair is getting thinned out. If no hairs or one or two hairs came, then don’t worry ,you are fine.  Still this is temporary diagnose just to check.

But if you already know that your hair is falling ,thinning out, then what to do? what you need to do in your diet?

Treatment To Stop Hair Fall

Guys nutrition is the biggest cause of hair fall, not taking the right diet is the biggest problem. Hair fall also depends on nutrition.

Instead of adding oil to your hair, add healthy food to your diet .In modern  lifestyle, people are not able to get the right nutrition. And those who exercise, take care, and live a healthy lifestyle, their hairs is often good. So, nutrition should be fine. Lets talk about the hair fall reasons and treatment.

Iron Deficiency

First of all, you should not have iron deficiency. There is shortage of iron within many people. Due to iron deficiency, their hair falls, thinned out. If you have the deficiency of iron in your body, then your hair thinned out.

Now let’s talk about which food you should take for iron. There is a lot of iron in non-veg. Chicken, legumes,wholegrain cereals, meat, eggs, apricots, green vegetables like brocolli etc. have a lot of iron. Spinach, cauliflower, etc.  can be eaten in veg. You will get as much iron as you need on a daily basis. So first of all, add iron to your diet.

Protein Deficiency

After that ,you should not have the deficiency of protein. It is the most essential nutrient for you hairs. If your diet is deficient in protein then your hair will fall. Because amino acids are very important for your hair as it strengthens your hair so that it does not break. So if hair breaks, then there is a lack of amino acids.

So what you need for amino acids? You need chicken,fish,eggs,meat,paneer,soyabean,tofu,beans,nuts,milk,yogurt and whey protein. There is a lot of myth in India that whey protein makes hair worse, whereas there is nothing like it. Protein inside the healthy lifestyle is an essential nutrient you need.

Vitamin C Deficiency

Vitamin C is also lacking in the diet of many people. It is very important for your hairs and also boost your immune system. If you are taking iron rich food and your diet is deficient in vitamins, then the iron will not be absorb. So you have to add vitamin rich food in your diet. Everybody knows vitamin c is in oranges,lemons,citrus fruits,tomatoes etc.. All of this fulfills your vitamin deficiency.

Omega 3 Deficiency

After that you should not have the deficiency of omega 3. Deficiency of omega 3 is also the cause of hair fall in men. Speaking of omega 3 is about the brain. Actually, omega 3 is very important for your scalp. You need omega rich foods to treat dry scalp, itchy scalp and weak scalp.

If we talk about omega rich foods then omega 3 is present in fish, seeds like chia seed, flax seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds ,nuts ,walnuts, peanuts, cashew ,almonds, kidney beans,etc. all these are good for hairs. So you have to add these foods as well.

Biotin Deficiency

Now add biotin rich food in your diet. Biotin is vitamin b and it is also lacking in the diet of many people. It is in cheese, egg whites, mushrooms, sweet potato,spinach,almonds, etc. Biotin helps to keep your  hair healthy. So, it is very important to add biotin in your diet for healthy hairs.

Few steps to stop hair fall in men:

Massage:Get you hairs massaged. Massaged should not be done everyday. You can get  your scalp massage done twice a week. What happens when you rub your skin you will see that your skin will be warm. Similarly,when you get a massage done with your fingers or someone else, it causes the area of the scalp to heat up or warm up. Due to this, your blood circulation will increase in that area.

 What will happen with blood circulation that all the nutrients reach in every part of the body through blood. So when you massage the scalp, blood circulation will increase and all the nutrients will reach your hair well.

You  can get massaged with avocado oil, almond oil, coconut oil. Get massage done before sleeping at night. Allow oil to stay in the hair overnight. Wake up in the morning and wash hair, it is very helpful.

Avoid Chemical Hair Products:

You have to take care of some things which have a lot of effect on hair. Stay away from chemical  hair products, blow drying and strong ammonia colors. All of these can damage your hairs.

 If you are using hair products like gel, wax, or any kind of paste, then try to wash it before sleeping. Those products should not remain inside your hair overnight and make sure to always use a use a good quality shampoo.

Treat dandruff as often ,that’s the reason for hair loss. Anti dandruff shampoos aren’t the answers as they contain strong chemicals and provide temporary relief.

 Avoid Heat:

Do not use too much blow dryer as too much heat damages your hair. If you use straightner, then do it occasionally. Avoid to use it on regular basis.  It also reduces the life of your hair.

Avoid Artificial Sweeteners: You can avoid artificial sweeteners like pepsi, coke or soda ,soft drinks,packed juice. Aspartame is an artificial sugar. It is inside many supplements,take care of this as well. Keep in mind you use aspartame free supplements.

Avoid Steroids or Drugs: If you are taking steroids or any drugs, then stop it because it worsens your hair. So, those bodybuilders who eat healthy and have a high protein diet, the only reason to have hair fall for them is steroids. Drugs is the only thing that spoils their hair.

Many people have a habbit to wash hair everyday, avoid it. Leave your hair for a day or two. Let the natural oil come in hairs.

Also avoid or reduce your intake of tea, coffee and alcohol.

Keep you well hydrated. Drink 8-10 glass of water on daily basis.

 So, guys these are hair fall reasons in men and if you take care of all these things and eat healthy,then you will see the difference in your hair in a month. Healthy nutrients should be in your hair. Add all ingredients to your diet because nutrition is everything.

So thank you guys, if you want any topic to be covered by me in future then comment below.

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