Is mass gainer bad for your kidneys?

Mass gainers are used for weight gain or mass gain. But you think that mass gainer is not harmful to your kidneys. And mostly, you want to know whether mass gainers cause kidney stones?

Well, the short and straightforward answer is NO because it does not contain any substance that affects your kidneys or cause kidney stones.

But, in some cases, it may prove bad for your kidneys. So, we will know that in detail.

First of all, you should never use mass gainer. It is high in calories that you can easily take from natural foods. This high caloric supplement occurs due to the high quantity of carbs in mass gainers.

And carbs are easily available in your kitchen, and we consume them in our daily diet. So if you want carbs, you can simply add simple high carbs rich food to your diet to stimulate more energy.

Carbs provide you energy during workouts while protein recovers and builds your muscle. With the energy given from carbs, we can do better exercises that break down our muscles even more.

It is easy to fulfill the requirement of daily carbs as compared to protein. So, it would help if you take whey protein in place of Mass Gainer.

But, if you still want to use Mass Gainer, then you can take it. Whether or not Mass Gainer’s effect on your kidney depends on three things.

Is mass gainer bad for your kidneys?

  • First, we will talk about the current time. If you have kidney stones or have a problem with your kidney, do not use Mass Gainer.
    If you still want to use it, then consult your doctor first because it is a condition. Almost all brands have mentioned their products to consult the doctor before using if you are already suffering from any treatment.  
  • If you have ever had kidney stones or had a kidney problem, and you are completely fine now, then you can take it. There will be no harm to your kidneys with a mass gainer.
  • In the third and final, we will talk that eating mass gainer will cause kidney stones in the future or not? So the answer is that, this will not make you having kidney stones.
    In many cases, people use Mass Gainer and then make mistakes that cause kidney stones, but they blame it on Mass Gainer, which is wrong.

A mass gainer is a complete meal that contains protein, carbs, fat, minerals, and vitamins. Due to its excess calories in one scoop, it can put loads on your kidneys. But you have to maintain your daily water intake level to have no problem in the digestion process.

Is it Ok to take mass gainers?

It’s not Ok to take mass gainers because you have the best alternate option, which is natural. Mass gainers provide you extra calories to gain mass, but that mass will get lost if you stop doing the workout for 1-2 months.

I have seen my friend gaining 5-10 kg in just one month, and after leaving workout for two months due to some reasons, he had loosed all the gains.

So, instead of using mass gainer, you should take natural foods to meet your daily carbs and protein requirement. To fulfill the protein need, you can use whey protein because it is not much high in calories but contain only protein.

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Can weight gainer cause kidney stones?

No, a weight gainer cannot cause kidney stones. Kidney stones can be caused if you are not taking enough water, which is required to digest your meal. And one scoop of mass gainer is not less than a complete meal.

Your kidney would need water to digest it properly. That’s why it is recommended to drink enough water daily to prevent kidney stones.


Mass gainer does not cause kidney stones or any other type of kidney problem. Not just a mass gainer, if you are drinking enough water, you will never have kidney stones.

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