How to peel hard boiled eggs without destroying egg

Peeling eggs is quite difficult and tragic. This is why we like to eat boiled eggs but on peeling we feel like hating it because of tearing. And then you think of How to peel hard boiled eggs without destroying egg.

So, today we will tell you some 3 best ways to peel hard boiled eggs, so that you will be able to easily peel hard boiled eggs.


We eat eggs in our daily lives. We also consume it mostly by omelette or simply boiling. It is a food rich in protein with iron, vitamins and minerals. It has more biological value. Workout persons like more to eat boiled eggs. After boiling, they become hard and if you try to peel them directly then it can break completely.

Best and Easy way to peel hard boiled eggs

Most often, the method you use to peel the shell of egg is wrong and chances of tearing become high. In such a situation, it is important that you remove the peel of the eggs properly so that you do not have any problem of tearing.

Remember to not use really fresh eggs for peeling as they don’t easily release inner membrane.

Before removing its peel, make sure to boil the eggs perfectly.

To boil, first heat water in a pan about 2 inch from pan surface. Now when the water comes to boil, take out the eggs from the refrigerator and put them in boiling water.

Let it boil on medium flame for 15 minutes.

Turn off the flame after 15 minutes and take the pan under the water tap. Open the tap and let the water flow from the pan for 30 to 60 seconds so that the eggs skin will cool slightly.

Now put ice cubes in the pan and allow it to cool completely for about 10 minutes.

By doing this, the outer layer of the egg will release inner membrane. To peel the top, you have to pay little attention so that the egg does not break.

When we researched about it, a lot of ways came out with the help of which you can remove the skin of the eggs. Among them, we have chosen 3 best ways by which you will be able to do your work quickly in a short time.

1. Tap and roll method

In this method you do not have to follow any special method to peel the boiled egg. Just tap a hard boiled egg lightly on the counter 3 times.

And then roll eggs on the counter by placing eggs below the palm of your hands. By doing this, the hard peel over the eggs will break and come out.

2. Teaspoon method.

To do this method, you will need a small or medium sized spoon. First tap the base of the hard- boiled egg on the counter and peel it off a little.

Keep in mind that you have to get much shell from egg in which your spoon can enter in comfort.

Now you have to gently rotate the egg by putting the spoon between the shell and inner membrane.

This will break the shell of your egg from the inner part and your whole egg will peel safely.

3. Air Blown Method

This method is very simple in which you will take only 10-15 seconds. First you have to tap the hard boiled egg on the counter from the top and base.

A little peel is to be removed from the base and also from top. After that, the egg has to be held well in your palms and blows the air into the egg from top by your mouth.

This will bring the egg out from the opposite side. While doing this method, you have to take care that your egg does not get released when the egg comes out.

These three methods are very useful and easy. You can peel off the eggs using any of these methods.

I hope now you know about how to peel hard boiled eggs without destroying egg. Share it with your friends and family to help them.

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