[2021 updated] Here’s How many days 1 kg whey protein last ?

Generally, one kg bag of whey protein can last up to 15-30 days depending on your need.

If you like gymming or an athlete, then you will know how important protein is for your body. Not only protein but carbs, fats, vitamins, and minerals are also important. But, today in this post, I am going to explain in detail that for “How many days will 1 kg whey protein last ?”

Apart from protein, you can easily consume other nutrients from natural foods. Because protein rich foods are often less found in kitchens.

And anyway, in order to complete your body’s daily protein requirement with natural foods, you will have to spend more time on consuming foods, which you will not want to do at all.

Here, whey protein solves this problem very easily.


But before buying any whey protein, or at the time of purchasing, you will definitely think once how much 1 kg of protein will last. So today I will tell you how many days 1 kg of protein can last.

How much any pack of protein powder will run depends on your need. Different people have different protein requirements. Sometimes it also depends on your workout level.

How many servings are there in 1 kg of whey protein powder?

Normally if we see, a pack of one kg protein powder has about 30-33 servings. If 1 serving of protein powder is equal to 30 grams, then your protein pack will have around 33 servings.


And similarly, if one serving is 35 grams, there will be about 29 servings in 1 kg.

How long will 1 kg whey protein last?

Now, I will tell you how you can find out if you take a pack of 1 kg protein powder, how long it will last.

Let me explain you in 2-3 points in easy to understand way.

1. If you are a fully vegetarian means that you do not even eat eggs, then you will have to take 2 servings of whey protein in a day. And 2 servings a day mean that a pack of 1 kg will last only 15–16 days.

It is not that you cannot take protein from veg food sources. But with Veg Sources, you will not be able to consume more protein as it will take more time.

So, you can make a good diet plan by combining both Veg Food Sources and Whey Protein, which can also meet your protein requirement. You can eat soybeans, nuts, milk, etc. for protein in veg food sources.

2. Second, if you consume eggs or are non-vegetarian, you can consume a pack of 1 kg of protein for a long time. Because you eat eggs or non-veg, you can complete your half of the protein need with natural foods.

A medium sized egg contains 5-6 grams of protein. If you eat 4 eggs in breakfast, then you will be able to complete about 34 grams of protein.

And in the same way, even after workouts, if you eat 4-5 eggs, you will be able to complete 30 grams of protein. So in this way you can reach to about 60-65 grams of protein in a day only with eggs.

Then, if you also take single serving of whey protein powder, you will be able to consume 90 grams of protein per day very easily. And in this way, you can use 1 kg of protein powder for 1 month.

3. It also depends on your body weight. As your body needs almost 2 grams of protein for one kg of your body weight. This is the daily requirement of protein for human body. Let’s suppose, you weigh around 80 kg, then you need around 160 grams of protein per day.


So, if we generally talk about how many days 1 kg whey protein last, it completely depends on your diet. Whey protein only supports a small amount of protein in your diet to make it fuller.

If you are taking a good diet, then you can also take only 1 serving in a day and can use it for a month.

But if you are not following a good diet, then you will have to take 2 servings in a day. In such a situation, your 1 kg pack will last only 15–14 days.

Let me know in the comment section of how you think that your whey protein can last.

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