[July 2021] Here’s how long does mass gainer expire ?

If you have a mass gainer and are thinking that your mass gainer has deteriorated. Today, I will give you the answer to these questions whether the mass gainer expires or not and after opening how many months can you use it?

It often happens that you bring a mass gainer or a weight gainer to use it for gaining purpose, but you cannot use it for any reason, and it stays with no use for months.

Whether your mass gainer gets spoiled or not is the only question that arises in such a situation. And by which methods you can find out.

Okay, this depends on which conditions you have stored your mass gainer. By the way, the life of any mass gainer is about 1.5 to 3 years. Therefore, I will try to understand you easily in three cases.

How long does mass gainer will last after opening?

In the first case, I will talk if you have opened the seal of your mass gainer. You were using it, then suddenly stopped for some reason.

In that case, if you have kept the mass gainer tightly closed, then it will not be going to spoil at all.

But it will definitely gets spoiled on not using for months with lose fitting of its cap.


Therefore, you have to keep in mind that you keep them in an airtight container whenever you store any of your supplements. Packing of small products is in boxes that you can close tight quickly.

But a large packing of mass gainer is often in a bag. So, remove it from the bag and place it in an air tight container to save it from being deteriorated.

I have been talking about keeping it in an air tight container because the air has moisture and if the moisture comes in the contact of the mass gainer, then the mask gainer starts deteriorating and does not last long.

How long it will last before opening?

In second case, I will talk about if you have not opened your mass gainer. In such cases, your mass gainer is entirely safe. But you have to check it, whether his expiry date has gone out or not. If its expiry has gone, then you can’t use it.

Is it bad to take expired mass gainer?

In the last I will talk about if your Mass Gainer gets expire, what can you do. It is a straightforward answer that you should not use it. Every brand recommends you to not use the product on getting spoiled.

And if you still use it, then it can cause a lot of damage to your digestive system. Likewise, Mass Gainer is a health supplement and using it after expiration can have a terrible effect on your health.

And you never have to buy expired supplements from the market.

A lab test is done on launching a health-supplement in market from manufacturer. Also, expiry date is given on every product which is mandatory for the brand.

It is your duty that you follow the guidelines given on the product by food authority.

It often happens that you go to a store and he tries to sell expiry products at a significant discount.

You need to know one thing that if there is a heavy discount, and mass gainer or any product has expired, then you do not have to buy it at all.

Because you do not know that the shopkeeper kept it in the store under which conditions? What was the temperature at which it was stored and kept?

Now let’s say that you go to buy a Mass Gainer and that store owner is giving you a product that will expire after a few days, even then you should not try to buy from it because any health supplement can’t be used so quickly and cannot be finished in few days.

Sometimes, you have to take a break of a few days in between while using it, and it will expire by then. And as such, the biological value of the health supplement reduces over time.


You could say that after the package’s opening, your mass gainer can last up to its expiry date if you kept it in an airtight container.

And if you have kept it without opening, then, you don’t need to worry about that. But, keep in consideration the expiry date of the product. Once the expiry date passes out, you should avoid using it.

In the comment section, let me know that if you have ever used any mass gainer in your life, how long does it last?

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