[June 2021 updated] How long does it take to see results from mass gainer?

If you are thinking about buying Mass Gainer, you may think about how long does it take to see results from mass gainer. Today I will tell you about it in detail to confirm that you can see the results in how much time with the best mass gainer.

After reading this post, I will not tell you the exact time but an idea of ​​how long you will get to see the results.

Although it depends on a lot of things, yet we can apply an approximation.


Factors on which results from mass gainer depend

First of all, we will know some factors, based on which you can get better results in less time.

Here’s the list of all those factors:


The first factor is your diet. Your diet is the first factor that plays a significant role in gaining.

If you think that you can gain weight or mass with Gainer only, then you are wrong. Gainer supplements are only to support your diet.

So, you will have to take a natural diet along with Gainer. Following an excellent natural diet with Gainer can get you better results in less time.

But, for this, you will have to add protein and carbs rich foods to your diet. With this, you will be able to complete your daily nutritional requirements and will be able to gain good weight quickly in 1-2 months.


The second factor is your workout. Workout plays a significant role in your muscle gaining process.

If you want to gain mass, then you have to make a good workout schedule. It increases the blood flow in your body, with which all the nutrients can reach every part of your body correctly.

You need to do fewer reps in each set of your exercises and do heavy weight lifting in your workouts. And mass gaining also depends on the period of your training.

Your calories burn when you workout, and the longer you exercise, the more calories you burn. Therefore, you have to limit your training period to save calories in your body, which will help in recovering your muscles.

Habit of exercising

The third factor is your habit of exercising. Since, you know about the importance of exercises in gaining. If you have been exercising since childhood, you will gain mass soon after taking mass gainer.

It also depends on your genes and even on your body. There are many people whose body adopts something new very quickly, and many people’s body takes time to embrace new things.

Digestive power

The fourth factor is how many calories you are used to consuming in a day. As you know, a scoop of Gainer contains around 900-1200 calories.

But, if your body has the habit of drinking only 300–500 calories per meal, then your digestive system will not be able to digest even one serving of Gainer properly. Your digestive system will excrete the rest unabsorbed by just absorbing 500 calories.

It is the only reason why many people failed to gain even on using Gainer. That is why you have to make a habit of taking heavy meals before using Gainer to digest them well.

With this, you can get good results quickly on using Gainer. But, make sure to only take recommended serving per day.

Concentration or Focus

The last factor is concentration and interest. If you want to see a change in your body, you will have to follow your diet with complete dedication and train your body well.

Focus is the most important thing to gain body mass and diet and workout is the secondary thing.

How long does it take to see results from serious mass?

A serious mass gainer is a very popular gainer. It provides you with 1250 calories in one serving, which can boost your daily calorie intake.

In one serving of this Gainer, you will get 50 grams of protein, which quickly recovers your muscles. Besides, it gives 252 grams of carbs to your body, which will refuel you after the workout.

You can also take this product before or after the training. After the exercise, you should take Gainer because it gives protein to your damaged muscle within a short time to repair muscles quickly.

Taking calories after workouts also saves your calories.


How long you will get results from Serious mass depends on your diet and your workout. If you are following a good diet and are training your body daily, you will see its results in 1-2 months.

To get good results more quickly, you should do workouts daily and follow your diet plan properly. It would be best if you count your calories.

You can find out whether you are getting as many calories as you need in a day. If you are unable to fill your daily nutrition requirements, it may take time to gain.

Do mass gainers actually work?

Yes, mass gainers work. No gaining health supplement is useless. If you have taken one of your genuine and Original Mass Gainer and do not get results even after using it, then there is some deficiency in your diet.

It is also possible that there is some problem with your workout. Doing more intense workouts will burn maximum calories, which resist gaining. And even if your diet lacks protein or carbs, you will not be able to achieve.


Mass gainer is meant for gaining weight or mass. You can’t depend totally on any gainer supplement because mass gainer only contributes 70-80% of your daily diet.

So, I hope now you can easily estimate that how long does it take to see results from mass gainer or serious mass? With good diet and doing workout regularly, you can easily gain mass or weight in about 1-2 months.

Let me know in the comment section that have you ever used any mass gainer or not ? and if you have used it then in how long you got to achieve results from mass gainer.

How long should I take mass gainer?

It depends on you that how much you want o gain. But, in general, it is not suggested to use gainer for longer periods as it will start increasing unwanted body fat instead of muscle.

Is mass gainer healthy for gaining weight?

Mass gainer is not much healthy but you can use it for shorter period (15-45 days) and then stop after achieving normal body size. After that, you have other healthy options like whey protein.

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