How to do high cable rear delt fly and its benefits

 It’s not much difficult to train your shoulder but it should always train in proper form to avoid any injury. Out of many shoulder exercises, there is also one which is standing rear delt fly to target your posterior deltoid of your shoulder. So, here you will come to know about how to do high cable rear delt fly and its benefits. 

How to do high cable rear delt fly ?

1. First, set the both handles of the cable cross machine to the highest position and then stand in the center of the machine by grabbing the both handles with opposite hands.

2. ‎I recommend you to grab the cable directly instead of using handles. Doing this exercise with cable is easy as compare with handles. So, hold the right cable with left hand and left cable with right hand.

3. ‎Now, keep your both hands straight together in front of your chins and put a slight bend in your arms. Then, take a step back to make a balance and maintain an arche in your lower back. 

4. ‎While keeping your chest out, extend your arms fully wide such that your hands are at shoulder level. Then release the weight and come back to the starting position and repeat for reps. 

Benefits of high cable rear delt fly exercise

High cable rear delt fly is one of the best exercise for building shoulder muscle size and muscle definition. It is something different and unique than other shoulder exercises because this exercise can be performed on a cable cross machine or rear delt fly machine instead of dumbbells and bars.

It not only targets your shoulder rear deltoid but also put a little tension on your upper back and traps. High cable rear delt fly can increase the flexibility of your shoulder muscle.

So, if you want to increase the flexibility of shoulder, then you should go with it. Your arms also play a role in performing the motion of rear delt fly. 

Steps to avoid

  • Always use light weight for this exercise. Otherwise, it may cause you serious injury in your shoulder muscle. 
  • Retract your shoulder blades back while stretching your arms wide because it will prevent to put full tension on your back muscle rather than shoulder. 
  • Keep in slight bend in your arms while doing rear delt fly to ease the method. 

Sets and reps: 

  • Do 3 sets of this exercise.
  • As high cable rear delt fly is an exercise with light weight, so you have to do 12-15 reps for each set.
  • Take 50-80 seconds break in between sets.

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