Top 7 Amazing Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat

Exercises to reduce Belly fat: Belly fat is common nowadays because 75% of people have fat and every person wants to reduce it. But the point is how to reduce belly fat and what are the exercises to get rid of it?

Today I am going to answer some such questions along with exercises. You will have to make some changes in your regular diet to reduce belly fat. You must have heard that one has to lose something to get something and also has to work hard for it. You have to do something similar to make your belly fat work. First, try to avoid foods which gains weight.

Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat

First, I will tell you some 7 exercises that will reduce your fat. You have to do these exercises daily and you can do them in the morning or evening. But, I think exercising is better in the morning, because in the morning your body is fresh and the important thing is that your stomach is also empty.

 1. Running

Running is very beneficial for your health. Especially, if you go for a run in the morning, then it will help a lot in reducing your belly fat. Running can burn your calories and maintain your heart rate too.

In a research, it has been found that those who run daily have very less chances to suffer from heart attack. If you can do running daily then, you must do it because it is the best exercise to get rid of belly fat. Along with reducing the stomach, this exercise increases your stamina and also strengthens your immune system.

2. Burpees

 Burpees is a very good speed exercise to lose belly fat. This exercise targets your entire body. With this exercise, you can increase your endurance and stamina.

It will be very helpful in burning your calories. You will start seeing its effect in 2-3 weeks and your stomach fat reduction speed will also increase.

How to do: Bend down and place your palms on the floor. After that jump and extend your legs and get into the position of pushups.

Then jump again and bring your feet back to your abdomen, which was your starting position. Now you repeat this for repetitions.

3. Plank

Plank is the best exercise to lower your fat percentage. This exercise will not only reduce your abdominal fat, but it will also strengthen your stomach core. You have to master this exercise as in this exercise you have to hold your body in plank position.

How to do: To do this exercise, first of all you lie down on the floor in the position of the pushup, after that bend your elbows and lie on the arms. Your elbows should be under your shoulders.

Then you have to hold your body in that position. You can hold it as long as you want according to your ability. Remember that the longer you hold on, the more you will get benefit.

4. Bicycle Crunches

Bicycle curls hit your stomach from all sides. This exercise affects both your lower and upper stomach. In this exercise you have to focus on repetitions. When you do this exercise, you always have to do some extra reps because only extra reps will help you in reducing fat.

How to do: First of all you lie down on the ground and put both your hands behind your head. After that, bend your legs in such a way that your knees should be 90 degrees from the ground.

Now you bring one leg near the chest and touch the elbow of the opposite arm with your knee. Then straighten that leg back and now do the same with the other leg. You have to use your legs as if you are cycling. But you have to arms your hands as well.

5. Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers is also a great abdominal belly fat exercise. It is a speed training exercise.

How to do: To do this exercise, first of all you come to the state of pushup. Bring one leg near your belly and straighten it back as if it were in a pushup position.

Now bring the other leg near your stomach and bring it back again and straighten it. Now you repeat this movement for repetitions.

6. Russian Twist

 To do this exercise you need a medium size ball.

How to do: First of all, sit on the floor and straighten your legs. After that lift your feet slightly upward. Keep in mind that your knees should be bent slightly and you can lean back a little while keeping your back straight.

Now hold a ball with your both hands and keep it in front of your stomach. Now move the ball to one side of the stomach and then bring it back in front of you to the starting position.

Then, repeat the movement to other side of the stomach and then bring it again in front and repeat for reps.

7. Weight training

Weight training can help reduce your fat to a great extent. But for that you will have to join the gym. There are many advantages of joining the gym. By gymming, your strength will increase, your fat will get reduce, your body shape will come and your personality will also develop.

You can go to the gym every day or else you can go 3 days a week. But remember that you do not have to do more weight training in the gym from the first day.

Gradually increase the number of your weight training exercises and after finishing the weight exercises, you can do abdominal exercises. You can also add abdominal exercises before weight training.

Sets and reps:

  • Do 3 sets of each exercises.
  • Take 1-2 minute break in between sets.

What to avoid in food ?

You have to take care to avoid street food and make a habit of eating homemade food. Avoid fat rich foods in your diet and add protein rich foods.

You can use Oats. Once you eat Oats, you will not feel hungry for 2-4 hours.

You will get protein from eggs, which helps in reducing fat. Protein converts your fat into muscle and thus helps reduce fat.

But keep in mind that protein will help you only if you do workout. Protein alone does not work for reducing fat.


You have to avoid fat rich foods and stop eating junk food. You can exercise daily in the morning or evening to reduce abdominal fat. In exercise, you can do running, planks, burpees, weight training etc.

To get fat reduce, you must first make a promise to yourself that you will exercise daily because belly fat does not reduce so fast. If you exercise for 2-3 days in a week, then it is not your job to reduce abdominal fat.

 And first of all, you should set your goal that within how many weeks you will get reduce your belly fat because only then you will be able to meet your goal. Then, you should put above exercises to reduce belly fat in your daily schedule.

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