Here’s How many days 1kg or 2kg whey protein last ?

In general, one kg whey protein can last up to 15-30 days depending on your body’s protein requirement and ultimately on the no. of servings you consume per day. If you like gymming or an athlete, then you will know how important protein is, for your body. Not only protein, but carbs, fats, vitamins, and … Read more

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What does cottage cheese taste like? [Taste, Benefits and precautions]


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ON serious mass before and after


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[March 2021 updated] Best whey protein powder in India


It is difficult to find the best whey protein in India because of doubt of duplicacy and effectiveness while buying. So, I will tell you 10 best whey proteins with some of the advantages and disadvantages of protein powder. In India, protein is a crucial necessity for a sportsperson whether he/she is a body builder … Read more