What muscles do dips work?


Are you also confused about “What Muscles does dips target?” Well, dips are mainly of two types i.e. parallel bar dips and bench dips. It is one of the best exercises which is often forgotten to use by most of the people. Now, I will explain what is dips and its types, benefits and also … Read more

Triceps Workout at home


 If you can’t spend your precious time in fitness center, then no need to worry about that. Here’s the best triceps workout at home to develop your triceps muscle size. These exercises ultimately contributes to the growth of  your overall arms size. In your arms size, triceps takes a place of more than 60 percent. … Read more

Top 8 [BEST] free hand exercises in 2020


If you have not much time to spend in gym or in any other fitness centre, then free hand exercises are the best for you in maintaining a good health and fitness. Free hand exercises are sufficient to target the overall parts of your body. These exercises have a lot of benefits which can help … Read more

Workout for legs in gym| legs exercises

Today in this article we will be going to talk about workout for legs in gym. Leg is the tough lower body muscle. In gym, half of the people don’t train their lower body. But, legs are the pillars and the foundation of our body. If you don’t train your lower body then your base … Read more