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Can I mix whey protein with mass gainer?


Most beginners think that if mass gainer and protein is taken together, they can get amazing results. But, this is not true. And sometimes you think, “Can I mix whey protein with mass gainer?”

Whey protein and mass gainer are two different health supplements. Still, you can use both these but not directly. You have to be smart to use both of them. Otherwise, your money will get waste.

Whey protein is high in protein and helps in lean muscle gain. On the other hand, mass gainer is high in carbs which helps to gain weight.

Can you take whey protein and mass gainer together?

The short and simple answer is No because whey protein have different characteristics than mass gainer.

Let me give you a little difference between whey protein and mass gainer.

Whey protein : Whey protein has 80% protein. It makes fast recovery of your muscles. By taking it immediately after a workout, your muscles recover at faster rate. It has high absorption rate because of which it easily digests and takes less time to reach our muscles.

If your goal is to gain lean muscle, then use whey protein because it has less calories with high protein. It has very low amount of carbs and fats present.

Whey protein is generally used to fulfill the daily requirement of protein. Those who are vegetarian or are unable to consume protein rich foods can use whey protein.

Mass gainer: Mass gainer is a high caloric health supplement that helps in achieving the goal of weight gain. The carbs to protein ratio in it is 3:1 which is the best ratio meant by the experts.

So, if you want to gain weight, then you can go with it. It contains high carbs which is responsible to its high calories. But make sure to check the ingredient label and nutritional value because gainer of some brands are high in sugars which is not healthy for you.

Can you mix whey protein with mass gainer?

Now if you are thinking of mixing both mass gainer and weight gainer, then it will not be of any use. Because whey protein which is fast digesting, its absorption time will get increased .And most importantly, mass gainer already contain the desired amount of protein.

One serving of mass gainer contains around 50 grams of protein. And one serving of whey has 25 grams of protein. So, you don’t have the need to take both mass gainer and whey protein together.

Now, first, you should be clear whether you want to gain weight or lean muscle. This decision helps you to decide which one is good for you.

Still, if you want to use whey protein with mass gainer, then there is one method which you can follow to use both of them.

How to take whey protein with mass gainer?

Don’t take both supplements in one shake. It’s better to use mass gainer in your day meal plan and after workout, you can use whey protein. So, in this way, you can get the benefits of both mass gainer and whey protein. By this method, your muscles will get instant recovery because of whey and you get high calories daily due to gainer.

The final conclusion:

You can’t mix whey protein and mass gainer because it has no benefits and it’s just a kind of money waste.

Mass gainer can be used for gaining weight and whey protein for gaining muscle. For gaining weight and muscle both, you can use mass gainer only. It has carbs and fat which helps in gaining your weight and has protein for muscle growth. So, mass gainer alone is sufficient.

But, for gaining muscle only, you can take whey protein. It also increases your weight but it takes time, because but your weight will grow with your muscles.

Also, you can use mass gainer and whey protein in two different meal plans. Mass gainer is good for taking in afternoon meal plan and whey protein is better as a post-workout meal. I hope, now you got the answer of “Can I mix whey protein with mass gainer”. Let me know in the comment section that “have you ever tried to mix whey protein with mass gainer or not?”. Feel free to share it with your friends on social media platforms.

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