Can you freeze almond milk|3 simple steps to freeze almond milk

Buying a gallon or carton of almond milk will sometimes put you in great confusion. And if you can’t end up the entire almond milk in one use, you might think of refrigerating or freezing almond milk.

But the main question is “Can you freeze almond milk”.

Today, I will give you the answer to this simple question along with the pros and cons of almond milk. Keep reading to know the full details about freezing almond milk.

Can you freeze almond milk after opening

Some brands don’t recommend freezing their almond milk. But still, many people found it useful for them to increase the shelf life of almond milk and for saving money.


Although its texture got a little change after freezing, you can use this method if you can compromise with its texture.

“Can almond milk be frozen”? The answer to this simple question is yes. You can freeze opened almond milk in the refrigerator.

But, you have to freeze it with some precautions to delay its spoilage.

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How to freeze opened almond milk ?

Freezing almond milk in larger amounts can lead to its spoilage. So, to reduce the negative effects of freezing, you should freeze it in smaller amounts.


I have three simple steps that can help you in freezing almond milk with fewer efforts.

  • First, pour the almond milk into ice cube trays and allow it to freeze in the freezer.
  • After freezing, extract the frozen cubes from the trays and then pack them in the Ziploc bags or airtight plastic bags.
  • Place the bags in the freezer so that you can use them according to your need.

How do you thaw frozen almond milk?

To take into use the frozen almond milk, we need to first thaw it in the refrigerator and then use it.


If the frozen almond milk comes in direct contact with the room temperature, it will cause the spoilage of milk.

First, remove the required amount of frozen almond milk from the bags. Then, thaw the cubes in the refrigerator for about 2-4 hours. After thawing, you can simply use it for your purpose.

How long does opened almond milk last in the refrigerator ?

Before freezing almond milk, you must aware of “how long is almond milk good for”.

Generally, in the refrigerator, opened almond milk last for only 7-10 days as mentioned by the brand itself. It means almond milk get expires in just 7-10 days.

But, if you freeze it, then it can last for up to 2 months. It means, in the freezer, the shelf life of almond milk increases for 2 months.

Also, you have to take care that after thawing the frozen almond milk, you should use it within 3-5 days, otherwise, it may get spoil.

How to tell if almond milk is bad?

There is no special formula to check the goodness of almond milk. You can check it simply based on its physical look, taste, and smell.

If your almond milk got thick and lumps have formed in it, means your almond milk gets spoiled. Spoiled almond milk also has a sour taste and bad smell.

Why does almond milk freeze in the fridge?

Almond milk often froze in the refrigerator when the temperature is set too low. It generally requires refrigeration at or below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Can you freeze almond milk for smoothies?

Yes, you can use frozen almond milk for smoothies.

Although, fresh almond milk works great in making them. But, frozen almond milk also helpful for smoothies.

You can simply put the frozen cubes into the blender and can blend it with other smoothie ingredients to make a thick smoothie shake.

Can you freeze almond milk to make ice cream?

The answer to this simple question is yes. You can use frozen to make ice creams.

Frozen almond milk in the ice creams doesn’t show any impact of changing texture and flavor during freezing it. These ice creams are perfect for those who love almond flavor.

Pros and cons of almond milk

It is good for adding to your meal plan. But, there are some pros and cons of consuming almond milk.

Pros: Almond milk is perfect for vegetarians. It is the best alternative to cow’s milk.

So, those, who are lactose intolerant can use it. Homemade almond milk is the best who don’t like to use market dairy products.


Cons: Being a substitute for cow’s milk for vegans, it has some cons. If you are looking for a high protein drink, then it is not good for you.

Although almonds are high in protein, almond milk is low in protein. Also, if you are allergic to almonds, you should avoid it.


Almond milk is a very good alternative to milk. If you have leftover almond milk, you can freeze it in to prevent spoilage. You can also use it for making smoothies, ice creams, popsicles, etc…

Let me know in the comment section, for what purpose, you are going to freeze your almond milk. Keep sharing it on Facebook, Pinterest, etc.. with your friends and family to save their money and time.

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