Can we drink milk after eating fish? If yes, How..

Nowadays, people suffer from various types of diseases, most of which are related to our wrong style of food consumption. Wrong food combination also causes some diseases. One of the combination which always put you in trouble is the combination of food and milk. From there, a question arises that, “can we drink milk after eating fish?”

So, here, I am going to remove all of your doubts and help you to come out from any confusion also.


Food plays a major role in our health. A good diet leads to a healthy and disease free life. Some foods can prove harmful to your body and this happens only when your digestive system feels difficulty in digesting it.

And if we look towards food combinations, we always used to combine any food with some other food without knowing its effects on our body.

Rules for food combination

Wrong combination of food can led to indigestion and gastric problems due to which you have to take pills.

So, next time, make sure to remember that:

There are some rules for food combination which you should follow.  Some of the food combinations which you should avoid are:

  • Two or more high protein foods.
  • Orange or any citrus food with dairy products.

You also have to keep in mind that some foods are fast digesting and some are slow digesting. In such a situation, if you combine them, then it will be difficult for your digestive system to digest it and can also have a negative effect.

The other thing is, different enzymes work on different foods and also require different pH level.

The digestion problems caused by it are not dangerous but also not good for your digestive system. But, sometimes, it can build toxins inside your body and may also have chances of digestive distress. 

Also, high consumption of dairy products and non-vegetarian in meal doesn’t considered the healthy diet.

So, we can say that good food and proper digestion helps in keeping your health good.

There are also some food combinations which are always recommended to avoid. In fact, your parents doesn’t allow you to use combination like milk with yogurt, fish with milk, etc. Our Generations is also following and avoiding some food combinations.

Science has made a lot of research in various diseases and their causes and treatment.

If you are a seafood lover, then you might have warned by your caretaker to not take fish with any dairy product. It seems to be dangerous for your health.

You might have heard from your parents and grandparents that, “milk and fish should not be taken together because it can cause skin whitening, skin patches, or Eukoderma.” And the big thing is that some of the nutritionists also believe this.

Today I will tell whether it is a myth or a reality. I will explain how much truth is here in this matter.

Can we drink milk after eating fish?

Yes, you can drink milk after eating fish. It has no side effects. Taking milk and fish together cause skin whitening is a myth. There is nothing that eating both of these will cause skin problems. 

These kinds of myths are present in most South Asian countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, etc. But, other countries uses a combination of fish and dairy to prepare some of the delicious cuisines.

If you are consuming both together, then you don’t need to be worry about that because you are safe.

Science has not done any research that claims that taking milk and fish together causes skin problems. These are some myths made by people in which there is no truth of any kind.

Basically, what happens, if you are lactose intolerant or allergic to fish, then in that case, taking milk right after fish may react and cause negative effects. But again, there is no research till now to prove it.

How long after eating fish can we drink milk?

As I have already explained, you can consume milk after fish. But, if your parents or anyone advising you to avoid it, then you should consume milk after half an hour from eating fish.

In this way, you can follow your parents advise with taking both together.


First of all, I have a question, why there is need to drink milk after eating fish?

This kind of situation will never arise. So, instead of believing on myths, try to believe on real facts.

Ayurveda on fish and milk combination

Ayurveda has a different concept over food combination.  It has also done a great deal of research on the foods and their combinations. But, in this case, there is not much data available which can prove it as myth or truth.

According to Ayurveda, every food has its own heating and cooling energy and has its own effect after digestion.

Since, fish is non-vegetarian and milk being an animal product is vegetarian. Both have high protein quantity due to which the food combination is inappropriate.

On taking milk and fish together, tamas guna increases in the body which is not good at all.

Ayurveda also considers that the fish has heating effect and the milk has cooling effect. When both of them are taken together, our digestive system got confused about the food and this lead to imbalance in the body.

So, the imbalance might be seen in the form of skin pigmentation, skin whitening or skin patches. It can also cause digestive issues.

Now, we can say that, ayurveda believes that consuming both at same can cause skin related problems. But, still, it has no proof and evidence to prove that this combination is wrong.

Is it Ok to take fish and milk together?

It all depends on you because ayurveda have different view point than others.

If you want to take both, then you can consume because it has been used in many of the recipes from years.


On the other hand, you can avoid taking fish and dairy product together. Just take a gap of at least 1-1.5 hours because during this time, more than half of the fish gets digested in the body.


Finally, you don’t need to worry about the milk and fish combination. It has already been used in recipes from years. It is a myth that consuming milk after eating fish can cause skin problems like skin whitening, etc. There is no evidence which can prove this myth as right.

But according to ayurveda, it is not good to take two high protein foods at same time. It can cause problems in digestion and your health. Still, there is no research by ayurveda to prove this.

So, you just have to make sure that you should drink milk at least 2 hours before or after eating fish. In this way, you will drink after digesting fish which will never puts you in a difficult situation.

Now, I hope you have ultimately found your answer that “can we drink milk after eating fish or not?” because it is the most serious topic related to food combination.  Let me know in the comment section that whether you have ever used or experienced this food combination in your life or not. If yes, then what’s your view point on it.

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