Biceps workout at home

Are you wants to know some biceps workout at home that you can easily do? You don’t have much time to spend in gym or any fitness center to give your body the required tone up, but you desire to have big biceps.

Then, today I will be going to share with you some of the best biceps exercises that you can easily do at your home.

Also, you can do these exercises at any place in your home. To perform these exercises, you don’t need to buy expensive weight training equipments and dumbbells.

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Your body weight is enough as it is equipment in itself. You can use your body weight to train all muscle parts of your body.

All you need some household items and a resistance band. You can place these things at any corner or side of your home.

First, you have to understand that your biceps has two heads i.e. long head and short head of biceps. When you flex your arms, you only able to see a short muscle but basically, it is divided into two heads. And you have to give attention to each of your heads to develop your muscle.

Easy Biceps workout at home

Your triceps, shoulders, and your core will definitely get involve in these exercises. But, the best part is you can give a pump to your biceps with these home workout to build your biceps size.  


When we think about home, the first exercise which come in your mind is definitely pushups. Pushups is one of the best biceps exercise at home that targets your biceps muscle along with triceps, shoulders, back and primarily the chest muscle. This exercise helps to give a pump to your biceps. 

To do this exercise, lay down on the floor and place your palms at a shoulder width distance on the floor. Your shoulders should be above your wrists and extend your legs straight. This is your starting position. 

Bend your elbows and lower down your body such that your chest would touch the floor. Then, bring your body up to the starting position by pushing the floor through your arms and repeat for 12-15 reps.

Brick/ backpack curl

For this exercise, you need a backpack full of loaded objects or books. Backpack is the most common thing which you can easily find in your home. First, from one hand, hold the backpack from the handle at your side. This is your starting position.

Bring the backpack up to the shoulder level while bending your elbows. Then, lower it down in a controlled manner. And repeat for 12-15reps

Similarly, do the same movement with the other hand. You should feel tension on your biceps during this exercise. Also, you can add weight according to your need.

If you won’t have a backpack, then you can do it with bricks. But, you’ll find lesser grip with bricks. Simply holding it in your hands and perform in the same way as backpack curl.

Make sure to not allow your back to swing while doing exercise. 

Broomstick curl

For this exercise, you need a broomstick and two backpack. You can also use any other hard stick or iron rod. If you have iron rod, then it is the best option as its grip is easy to hold.

Hang the backpacks on the sides of broomstick. You can put weights in the backpacks according to your strength. 

Then, grab the stick with both of your hands at shoulder width apart and this is your starting position. Lift the stick up to your shoulder level and then lower down while maintaining a tension in your biceps. Repeat 12-15 reps.

Choose a broomstick of easy and comfortable grip so that you can concentrate on your biceps while doing exercise.

Incline pushups  

It is easy form of pushups than regular pushups. For this exercise, you need a bench or box or even your bed. This exercise requires less efforts than regular pushups. 

To perform this exercise, place your hands on the box, bench or bed. Your hands should be at a distance of shoulder width and extend your legs behind you.

Allow your body to get lower down while banding your elbows and touch your chest on the bench. Then, bring up your body to the starting position and repeat for 12-15 reps. 

Chin ups

For this exercise, you need a pull up bar. You can find any bar on which you can easily perform pull ups. You can also find any tree near your home to fix a bar on it.

Hold the bar with your palms facing towards you. Your palms distance should be little closer than shoulder width. Then, bring your body up to the level such that your chin crosses the bar. Then, lower your body slowly. And repeat for reps. 

If you are not able to do full chin ups, then you can also take the support of any box or a person to lift your body up. You can also take help of resistance band which is  known to be very helpful in supporting beginners for pull ups.

Resistance banded curl

For this exercise, you need a resistance band which helps to give your muscle the tension required for development. So, if you never going to join any gym, then you should buy atleast 1-2 resistance band. 

Now, place the resistance band on the floor and stand on it with your feet distance at normal standing position. Grab both ends of the band with your palms facing up. Bring both of your hands up to the shoulder level while bending your elbows and then lower down in a fully controlled movement. 

And repeat for 12 -15 reps. Make sure, that your elbows remain fixed while doing this movement of exercise.

Dumbbell exercises for biceps

If you can afford dumbbells, then it would be greatful and helpful for you to see results in less time. Dumbbells are very effective equipment and it doesn’t take large space.

Also, its not much expensive as compared to other equipments. So, if you want to know the dumbbells exercise to give a boost to your biceps muscle development process, you can check my list of best biceps exercises. 


Hope, you liked all of above biceps exercises that you can easily add in your schedule. I have showed you the best biceps workout at home and you will be able to see results in your muscle by following this workout routine. 

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