[BEST] Biceps Workout for men in 2021

Today, we will going to talk about biceps workout for men  to increase your muscle mass. Everybody needs their biceps muscle to be big but for this you need to do the right exercises and also in proper form.

Big biceps also develop your personality a little bit. That’s why, most of the youngsters are interested in going to gym to make big muscles. So today, I will tell you the best biceps workout for men that helps you a lot.

Biceps has two different types of muscles called brachii and brachialis. The brachii is further divided into two heads i.e. long head and short head of biceps.

When you fully stretch your arms, the front portion of biceps is called long head of biceps and when you squeeze your biceps muscle, the inner side of biceps is short head of biceps. The brachialis is a very short muscle that is outer part of biceps.

Many people make mistakes that they didn’t train their brachialis muscle. They don’t even know that how to train it?  Due to this, they are unable to grow the size of their biceps.Training one head only is the biggest drawback of not increasing the size of your biceps.

Techniques for gaining biceps muscle mass.

 Now before training, You should keep in mind following three important things for biceps workout for men that will not only help you to develop your biceps muscle but also prevent you from injuries like strain, muscle cramp,etc.

*Targetting your muscle: You should focus on targeting on your biceps while doing exercise. Many of the beginners involve their elbows to lift weight while doing barbell curls, dumbbell curls etc. which is not the right form.

*Changing of workout: You should change your workout after 4-5 weeks because when you perform the same exercise for 4-5 weeks ,your muscle adopt that range of motion. So try to change your workout after 4-5 weeks.

*Proper rest: You should take proper rest to allow your muscles to repair because if you take proper rest ,then all the nutrients will get easily absorb by your muscle which is very effective for gaining biceps muscle mass.

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Now, you will come to know about best bicep workout for mass gaining through which make your bicep wider and even thicker.

       10 Best Biceps Exercises

Exercise-1:Barbell Curl 21

It is one of the best effective exercise for your biceps. And while performing  you will also feel that why I am saying  it the best effective exercise.

This exercise completes in three different ranges of motion first is bottom half range, second is top half range and third is full range of motion. In  bottom half range, you will do  7 reps with half repetition.

Next, in top half range you will do 7 reps with top half repletion. And finally in full range of motion you will do 7 reps with full range of motion.

How To Perform: To start this, grab the bar like you do regular barbell curl, then f the bar angle should be all the way down with chest up, back straight, elbows locked.

After that, you will do 7 repetitions in bottom half range. Next you will do next 7 repetitions in top half range. You have to squeeze your biceps on the top half range and after that, you will do next 7 repetitions in full range of motion means curl all the way up and squeeze the biceps and go all the way down and stretch your biceps.

Don’t move your elbows while performing and do only with the support of biceps. You can add this exercise at the beginning or end of your bicep schedule with 2-3 sets.

Exercise-2:Incline Dumbbell Curl

This is one of the most effective exercise for long head of biceps.

How To perform: To start this, you have to set the bench at about seventy five degree angle, then by holding two dumbbells you have to sit on the bench by leaning your back on the bench and allow your arms hang straight down.

While keeping your elbows fix, You have to curl one  hand dumbbell up towards your shoulders and then slowly return down and similarly perform same with second hand dumbell and then repeat for reps.

You can do this exercise with both dumbbells up at same time or with alternating one arm side up at a time.

Exercise-3:Wide Grip barbell Curl

 If you want the best exercise for your biceps ,then this one is the best exercise for short head of biceps. You should master wide grip barbell curl for short head. Everyone should have to include this exercise in biceps workout for men.

How To Perform: You can take a wide grip bar at least 5-6 inches wider than your shoulders. Load the bar with weight and hold it a little wider than your shoulder width.

While keeping your elbows fixed to your ribs and chest up, you have to curl the weight up to your chest, then slowly lower back down the bar and then repeat for reps.

 Make sure that your shoulders and elbows are fixed. Keep in mind that while doing exercise, you have to look at your front but a little upward to put more tension on your biceps.    

Most of the beginners tries to load heavy weight due to which they are not able to do this exercise in proper form.

Exercise-4:Dumbbell Preacher Curl

 It is one of the effective exercise for  long head of biceps.

How To Perform:To start this, you have to choose a bench at incline angle or you can also use a preacher curl bench to support your arms. Rest your chest against the pad and hang your arm over it so that your armpit is meeting the top of bench. Curl up the barbell using your biceps up to the top position and then lower back down until your biceps is fully stretched and then repeat for reps.    

Exercise-5: Close Grip Cable Curl

 This is the exercise for your brachialis muscle.

How To Perform: Bring the cable down to the bottom of the machine before starting and then grab the bar with both hands at your shoulder width.

Take a step back and then curl the bar up towards your shoulders in the same way as you perform barbell curl keeping your hand in the same neutral position so that your arms are facing towards your shoulders. Then lower back down until your arms are fully extended and then repeat for reps.

Exercise-6:EZ Barbell Curl

The EZ bar curl allows you a more comfortable hand position than regular straight barbell curl. As I already said that biceps have two different heads.

If you use a close grip in this bar than you can train your long head of biceps and if you use a wide grip then you can train your short head or inner head of biceps. So in EZ bar you have both inner and outer grip.

How To Perform: To perform this exercise, choose a grip of your choice. Once you choose the grip, you have to perform this exercise in the same way as you do with a straight barbell. Curl the weight up and then slowly return back down and then repeat for reps.

You have to keep your elbows and shoulders  locked during this exercise.                           

Exercise-7:Dumbbell Hammer Curl

This exercise is for long head of biceps.

How To Perform: To perform this exercise, hold the dumbbells in both of your hands. Grab the dumbbells in a neutral position, hold your shoulders back and curl the dumbbell up while keeping your elbows fixed and slowly return back down. Then, repeat for reps. This exercise allows you to use more weight for the exercise.

Exercise-8:Concentration Curl

This is the most effective exercise as it activate your biceps the most.

How To Perform: To perform this , you have to sit down on a bench with your legs wide and then fix the back of your arm against your inner thigh . Grab a dumbbell from the floor and curl it up to your shoulders.

At the top, you should squeeze and then lowering back down slowly and then repeat  for reps.  make sure that the dumbbell is facing outwards while performing this exercises.

Exercise-9:Dumbell Curl      

This exercise is best  for your long head of biceps.

How To Perform: First you would grab two heavy dumbbells and then hold them at the side of your hips in a neutral position.

Next, you would curl up and turn the dumbbell over as you come up so that your arms are facing you at the top and then lowering back down slowly again in a neutral position and then repeat for reps .

Exercise-10: EZ Bar Spider Curl

Again in this exercise, you can train your long head as well as short head of your biceps.

How To Perform: Here you would once again have the bench at an inclined angle and you lay facing forward flat down against the bench. You want to hold the EZ bar with your palms facing down and you want your chest more so at the top of the bench from there you have to curl the bar up and squeezed at the top and slowly lower back down  and then repeat for reps.  

 Sets And Reps:

  • Perform 5-6 exercises in each day.
  • Do each exercise for 3 sets with 6-10 reps.
  • Keep 1-2 minute break in between sets.

Don`t do all of these exercises in one day. Choose 5-6 exercises from above.

I hope if you will follow this biceps workout for men then you will definitely see some changes in 3-4 weeks. But make sure to do all the exercises in proper form. Also, you have to put focus on your diet because if your diet is lack in protein, then exercises alone wouldn’t help you in any way.

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