[sugar and maida free] 3 Best biscuits for weight loss in India for June 2021

If you are already thinking of some biscuits to lose weight, then you are wrong. This is because they are just misguiding you that those biscuits are very healthy and nutritious. So today I will tell you about some of the best biscuits for weight loss in India.

People mostly use biscuits in their life because it is easy to carry and can eat them while staying busy in work.

So, if you want to lose weight, then you have to take a biscuit that will help to reduce your appetite as well as lose weight.

But, the problem is that the majority of biscuits available in the market cannot help you in reducing your weight. This is because they contain sugar and almost everyone also has fats.

Also, maida (refined flour) has been used to make all those biscuits which do not have any nutritional value. Refined Flour is not good for your body anyway.

Buying guide for weight loss biscuits

✔First of all, you have to see that the flour you have taken has not been used in all purpose flour. Flour can increase your weight and bad cholesterol level.

So it is important that you use maida free biscuits, otherwise your weight can increase rather than decrease.

✔Next, it should not contain sugar. Being sugar can increase your blood sugar level, which will not be good for your health. Diabetic patient should also avoid sugar-rich biscuits.

✔Fats have more calories and to reduce the weight you have to use low fat biscuits.

With the help of advertisement, some biscuits like Marrie Gold, Nutri Choice and Mcvities digestive biscuits are known to be healthy ones.

But the fact is none of these are healthy because they contain added sugar, fats, emulsifiers, and artificial sweeteners which is clearly mentioned in their nutritional value profile.

Don’t  worry, I have found 3 best weight loss biscuits for you after doing a good research of products and looking at the positive reviews of the people at various sites.

Which biscuits are good for weight loss in India?

Below I have created a simple table for better understanding of the best ones which I have chosen for you.

BrandTotal CaloriesProteinCarbohydratesFats
Early foods Millet jaggery cookies84.21.1817.11.24
Taste Good Karela biscuits410.85.31.9
Possible banana Chocolate cookies461.266.11.8

Early foods Multi-Grain millet jaggery cookies

This is a very healthy biscuit that you can give it to your child also. The best part is that it is maida free and 100% chemical free which has clearly mentioned on their pack.

Also, it has no refined sugar and no preservatives or additives which make it a good option for diabetic persons. They can easily add it their meals.


One serving which is 20 grams (2 cookies) contains a total of 84.2 calories. It has 17.1 gram of carbohydrates, 1.18 grams of protein, and 1.24 grams of fat.

The fat content in this biscuit is very low as compared to other common brands which are providing more than 20 grams of fats in one serving.

Also, it has no artificial sweeteners or stabilizers which make it a healthy option for you.

Taste Good Karela Biscuits

These biscuits are made particularly for diabetic persons. There is absolutely zero sugar in it. Bitter gourd (karela) is also very helpful in the process of weight loss.

It does not allow the sugar to get stored in your body, so that the body’s fat percentage remains in control. But due to its taste, many people dislike bitter gourd and are unable to take advantage of it.


So, in that case, taste good biscuit is the best alternative of karela. One serving (10 grams) which is one biscuit contains around 5.3 grams of carbs, 0 grams of sugar and 1.9 grams of fat.

It provides you 41 calories per biscuits which is beneficial if you are on a low calorie diet.

Possible banana chocolate cookies

Possible banana chocolate cookies are made from millets, jowar and oats.

As you may know, oats are much helpful in lowering weight. Infact, you should also add it in your weight loss meal plan. It is rich in fiber which improves your digestion rate.


These cookies are healthy and are high in protein than others. It also contains vitamin B6. Due to all these factors, it can be a good replacement for your snacks.


Most of the time, you will hear the same thing that no biscuits are good for weight loss because all are made from refined flour (maida) and has no nutritional value in it. And they also contain sugar which is not a good thing. But now, some new biscuits have come which do not contain maida and they do not contain sugar.

Also, I have curated some of the 3 best biscuits for weight loss in India. I hope that you have got your answer and if you need information on any other topic or have any question, then, you can comment below. Feel free to share it with your friends, and family.

Is sugar free biscuits good for weight loss?

Definitely yes, because in most of the cases consuming sugar in excess lead to weight gain. So, avoiding sugar can help to control your body to gain weight.

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