Back workout For Men

Back workout for men: Today we will talk about best back workout for men in 2020. Back is one of the biggest muscle in our body and many of the gym going guys wants  to get a v-shape back and  are also interested in making their upper body wider than their waist. For this, you have to do those back exercises that will not only targets your muscles but also develop some strength so that you will be able to increase the weight load of exercise over time.

 There are certain training techniques that you should incorporate in your back workout. To effectively develop your back, you should keep in mind  3 things for all of the back exercises that you are going to do:

*Targetting your back: You should focus on targetting on your back instead of forearms. It can take some time to develop your mind and muscle connection.

*Progressively overload: You should progressively increase your load with time. Increase the weight load as your strength increases.

*Full stretch: Always do exercises with full extension so that your back muscle get fully stretch and it helps you a lot.

6 [BEST] Back Exercises                                       

In back workout for men, there are six of the best back exercises for men that are going to help you develop a v-shape and wider back faster and with certain training techniques that you should incorporate to develop your back in terms of both width and thickness.

Exercise No.1: The Deadlift

This is one of the best exercise to develop a thicker ,wider and stronger back. You are able to lift a lot more weight in a deadlift than any other exercise. Make sure that you try to go heavy after you master the proper form with the light weight           

To begin, step up to a loaded barbell with your shins close to the bar and plant your feet a little wider than shoulders width apart. Grip the bar slightly wider than where your shins meet the bar. Stick your chest out and drop your hips down while squeezing your shoulders blades together to pull and lift the bar. Your shoulders and hands must be in straight line.

Make sure that your spine remains straight while lifting the weight. When lifting the weight, don’t pull with your lower back. Instead lifting the weight with squeezing abs, push your feet into the ground and your hips forward until you stand upright and then repeat for reps.

Exercise No.2: Pull Ups

Close grips and wide grip pull-ups provide unique benefits to your back.                                   

To start, you need to grab the pull up bar with your hands facing away from you and your grip set fairly wider than your shoulders so that your body resembles a Y-shape. Next, hang straight down so that your arms are fully extended.

 Now, pull yourself up concentrating on pulling up until your chin is above the bar and squeeze at the top before lowering your body and repeat for reps.

If you are not able to do pull ups than you can use resistance bands that will help you to increase your strength in the beginning.

Exercise No.3: Lat Pull Down

This is one of the best exercise for lats muscle.

Back workout for men

To begin, grab the bar with a grip width set wider than your shoulders. Hold the bar with your arms fully extended and put your legs under the pads if you have. Stick your chest out, pull the bar with your elbows right down your chin and to the top of your chest. Do not pull the bar under your chest and do not swing back and forth and never use too much momentum to pull the bar. You can use a little momentum to help you squeeze out your lats  and then repeat for reps.

Exercise No.4: Dumbbell Rowing

This is the most effective exercise for back  and specially the long angle dumbbell rowing.

Back workout for men

To perform this exercise, start by leaning against something lower than your waist level. You need to bent down onto your back almost parallel with the ground. Grab the dumbell with your other hand in a neutral position and let it hang straight down.Pull your shoulder blades back and stick your chest out to maintain a neutral spine.

Now pull the dumbbell back to your hip and then bring it back down to the hanging position and repeat for reps. Put all the tension on your back and your lats. Keep in mind that you need to choose light  weight so that you can perform the exercise with proper tension and in proper form.

Exercise No.5: Seated Rowing

You can do this exercise by using a wide grip bar or a close grip double D-handle.

Back workout for men

To begin, sit down on the bench with your feet on the front platform with your knees slightly bend. Bend forward while keeping your chest out and shoulders back and grab the D-handle. While keeping your arms straight ,sit upright to a 90 degree from the floor with a big chest. Pull your elbows back until the handle meet your lower abs and then extend your arms back right to the initial position and repeat for reps.

You can use a little momentum to squeeze the muscle but should not swing back and forth otherwise it may cause you a lower back pain.

Exercise No.6: Reverse Grip Barbell Rows

Reverse grip barbell rows help you to hit more of you lower lats.

Back workout for men

To start, you have to grab the bar with your palms facing away from your body and you grip must be slightly wider than your shoulder width. Pull your shoulders back and stick your chest out to maintain the natural curve in your spine, bent down for about 75 degrees keeping in mind that your back is almost parallel to the floor while keeping your arms fully extended.

 Now pull the bar with your elbows, squeeze the back and then lowering the bar and repeat for reps. Make sure to prevent yourself from any injury, your back must be straight while doing.


Don’t do all of these exercises in one day, select 4 or 5 of these exercises and perform each for 3 sets of 6 to 10 reps with 2-3 minute break in between sets.

If you follow the above back workout for men then you will definitely see a change in your back muscle and your strength.

Always start with your biggest lifts first like deadlifts before moving on to light exercises.

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