[Top 5] Best abs workout for beginners

Being a beginner, you have faced difficulties in getting abs because you don’t have much knowledge about the exercises. Mostly, you don’t need to do all exercises which you seen your friends doing in gym.

In starting stage, you required to lose your stomach fat while growing muscle size in order to make it visible. So, you need the best workout which will do both fat loss and muscle gain.

Today, I am going to show you the best abs workout for beginners that help you to gain strength, muscle and low stomach fat.

But before moving on to the workout, let us understand the few basics.

Abs is an essential part of your core. It plays a major role in almost every exercises.

You might have feel the pressure on your core while squatting, bench press or dead lift. That’s why, it is important to make abs strong.

Just like other muscle groups, abs is also a muscle. Its growth depends on your diet and workout. Exercises alone can’t be able to grow it. In fact, you can’t build any muscle without a diet. 

So, before concluding the results of workout, make sure whether you have given your body the required nutrients or not.

Now, the next thing which you should keep in mind is to start with simple exercises. The mistake what most of the beginners do is, they try to copy the exercises which others are doing in gym and it results in injury.

As a beginner, you should start with simple exercises that are easy to perform because your muscles have not enough strength to do complex exercises.

The last point which you should take care of is that never do over exercises. Because it results in muscle pain the next day and you can’t do workout of other muscle groups.

So, on first and second time, do only 3 exercises each with 2-3 sets.  Then increase the exercises up to five and so on as according to your need.

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Now, the time has come to tell you about the best abs workout for beginners.

Best abs exercises for beginners

Here are the best abs exercises that every beginner can do to start building abs muscle.


Planks is one of the most simple and effective exercise. It plays a major role in building strength and reducing fat from stomach area.

The simpler it seems, the more effective it is.


How to perform: To do this exercise, simply lay down on the floor with your chest facing downwards and forearms resting on the ground. Your elbows and shoulder should be in straight line. Lift your butt a little from the back line.

Now, hold the body in this position for one minute. If you are much heavier than you can do it for 30 minutes in beginning to gain practice and strength.

Repeat this exercise for 3 sets.


Crunches is also a simple abs exercise for beginners. It hits your abs muscle directly. This exercise can be easy or difficult depending on your body size.


How to perform: To do this exercise, simply lay down on the floor with back on the ground and face direction is towards the ceiling.

Now, bend your knees such that the distance between your butt and foot should be 1 feet.

Place both of your hands to the back side of your head by inter locking the fingers.

Lift your body from head to your knees while avoiding the movement of your foot. Then, allow your body to go back to the starting position.

You can put some weight on your foot for better control.

Make sure to keep your back straight and look at the upper side with your eyes while performing this exercise.

Do 3 sets of 10-15 reps each.

Hanging knee raises

It is one of the best exercises for targeting your abs. But for this exercise, you need a bar on which you can hang your body by grabbing the bar.

You can also do it on any tree or in your house. All you need is simply find a thing where you can hang with strong gripping of hands.


How to perform: To do this exercise, simply grab the bar tightly with your hands. Then bend the knees of your both legs and raise it up to stomach area.

Then, allow it to go back to the original starting position. Then again raise the knees and come back to the starting position.

Do 3 sets of 10-15 reps each.

Mountain climbers

This exercise is something different from the above three exercises. This exercise burns fat around the stomach area.


How to perform: To do this exercise, simply take the starting position of pushups. Then, touch the stomach with knee of one of your leg and return it back to the starting position.

Similarly, touch the knee of other legs with stomach and return it back to the starting position.

While doing this exercise, don’t change the position of your hands.

Bicycle Crunches

This exercise is very helpful in burning stomach fat. It involves movement of both of your legs and hands.


How to perform: To do this exercise, simply lay down on the floor with your back. Bend your knees such that knees and butt are in a straight line. The foot and butt should make a 90 degree angle at knees.

Now, place both of your hands to the back side of your head while interlocking the fingers. Then, move the left knee and right hand elbow close to each other and return to its original position.

Similarly, move the right knee and left elbow close to each other and return back to its original position.

Do 3 sets each of 15-20 reps of this exercise.


Abs muscle workout is simple and don’t require much equipment. Building abs muscle is also easy but making it visible is difficult. If you do these exercises, I am sure you will start seeing results within 15 days. So, I hope you liked the exercises of best abs workout for beginners. Feel free to share it with your friends if you found it helpful.   

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